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Interior Design Association of Kenya

The Interior Design Association of Kenya is a nationwide organization that helps upcoming and aspiring interior designers to achieve the full professionalization of their careers.

Through its membership program, the organization promotes industry standards for both new and professional interior designers. The membership programs come in two categories with varying budgets. The categories include a professional membership and student membership that serves students from all recognized interior design institutions.

The Interior Design Association of Kenya addresses the professional needs of valid members while highlighting the need for interior design in society. It also accepts fresh and qualified graduates from various higher learning institutions in the country.

 benefits of joining IDAK as aN Interior Design student

  • Legislative representation
  • Access to resources
  • Industry recognition
  • Networking
  • Education
  • Access to information

These Kenyan interior design schools offer quality training to their students for industry preparation. They include multiple public and privatized colleges and universities. One such institution is Kenya College of Interior Design at the heart of the country’s capital. Once you pursue a certificate or diploma at Kenya College of Interior Design, you can enroll as a practitioner in interior design at the Interior Association of Kenya and enjoy the following benefits;

Legislative representation

The Interior Designers Associations of Kenya plays a crucial role in regulating interior design practice by providing legislative coverage that protects the interests of its members and championing constructive industry policies. These policies provide a steady base for the general growth of the interior design sector.

Access to resources

The Interior Designers of Kenya acts as a link between its members and available design products at various discounts. It also ensures that interior designers have a general knowledge of the market value of their resources and creative works to maintain self-regulation. It creates awareness about the best interior design products and practices. Therefore, they help interior designers utilize available resources responsibly while promoting sustainable design methods in the sector.

Industry recognition

IDAK members are included in a digital membership directory that ensures clients know the value of the interior designer they will be presently working with and in the future. They have membership numbers and identification cards that show your willingness to follow the ethics of the industry. It assures your clients to trust you as a qualified interior designer.


The Interior Designers Association of Kenya holds various seminars, events, and meetings where members share, discuss, and decide on matters regarding the interior design industry in Kenya. They connect local and international designers to learn from each other while participating in the international Built Environment community. Exposure to international standards in interior design helps you grow professionally.

Through networking, an interior designer can learn many ways of solving a problem from various sources. This can boost the knowledge of diverse cultures because you interact with people from different backgrounds and origins.


IDAK collaborates with various educative channels with unique programs that an interior designer can acquire more relevant knowledge. The association organizes exclusive educational tours that help its members broaden the scope of their knowledge. In addition, they hold sponsored local and international seminars and design expos that positively impact all interior designers in the association.

Access to information

The association has a member-only website that provides interior designers with informative materials like newsletters and design magazines. They have membership surveys that help them evaluate various industrial factors while giving members access to results. It, therefore, keeps members updated on matters of hot topics, latest products, and trends that give them various improvement tips.

For these reasons, students and graduates from Kenya College of Interior Design find it a better platform to enhance their careers. They use the Interior Designers Association of Kenya to transform the world through revolutionary and creative ideas while accessing long-term educative resources. These resources allow the designers to achieve their desired objectives by creating world-class products and interior design services.

In conclusion, when you study at Kenya College of Interior Design, you have the freedom and privilege of becoming a member of the Interior Designers Association of Kenya. In doing so, you increase your chances of success by a significant number because you acquire enough industry exposure while still undertaking the fundamental basics of interior design.

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