Best Architecture College in Kenya


Best Architecture College in Kenya

KENCID is the best College to study Architecture Course In Kenya.

Some of the best architecture colleges in Kenya offer you the top school architecture features for delivering information and school infrastructure. Architectural colleges should use modular construction expertise and insights from seasoned Kenyan architects to compile a list of priorities to implement for them to remain relevant in the competitive Kenyan market. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design features the best characteristics essential for an architect. These features include


Outdated modes of technology are outdated. Nowadays, schools give you display screens in hallways, while you have tablets and laptops in every classroom. Similarly, some schools feature innovative devices like 3D printers and virtual reality headsets for use in specialty programs. These devices rely on internet connectivity, meaning the school does not restrict you to the four walls of a certain classroom. Therefore, this allows you to collaborate with your peers in the cafeteria, research extensively, catch up on assignments in a common area, or check out school announcements on the display screen. 

Consequently, modern-day school architecture must prioritize current and future technology trends to enable smooth and efficient learning. Kenya College of Interior Design provides reliable connectivity across the whole campus to aid in smoothly delivering information. Remember, most mobile devices require flexible and reconfigurable seating arrangements, while specialty devices like 3D printers need secure storage. Similarly, the school’s network will need to be accessible to everyone regardless of your position in the compound. Therefore, KENCID ensures you have the ideal access to these infrastructures with ease.


Identical, closed-off classrooms, hallways, and communal spaces are no longer a priority when it comes to modern learning systems and information delivery. Therefore, various school architects are migrating toward features that encourage collaboration. These features allow for effective collaboration because they give you access to connected flex spaces, reconfigured layouts, and interactive whiteboards. You will learn best through collaboration, group discussions, peer-to-peer teaching, and problem-solving. Open classrooms will make these learning techniques easier by enabling you to collaborate and share ideas while using your creativity in every possible way. 

Kenya College of Interior Design’s modern school architectural design supports these efforts. Therefore, you can access ideal group seating arrangements, conference rooms, moveable furniture options, and open spaces where you can explore your ideas. The college also features small spaces between connected classrooms and breakout spaces in individual classrooms for personal study sessions when you are trying to avoid noise and distraction. These features provide space for individual student testing, interviews, small group collaboration, presentations, and one-on-one teacher and student work.

Safety & Security

Campus safety and security is the most important architectural element for any Kenyan school. This feature assures students, teachers, administrators, and visitors. Some schools may feature open layouts and glass walls, which are an integral architectural element for student safety. Similarly, stairwells and hallways are ideal for student meetups and should be as open as possible to avoid bullying and unnecessary accidents. In addition, the school may conserve a lot of space by maintaining minimalist architectural ideas. 

In the past few years, preventing the worst things from happening has been at the forefront of Kenya College of Interior Design. The school features layered security measures that prevent intruders while guaranteeing your safety. The various security amenities the school provides include single entry points, automatic door or gate locks, secured entrance vestibules, and visitor screening apparatus. Similarly, the school features various security and surveillance systems, metal detectors, and emergency communication systems. These measures allow the school to rank best among the best architecture colleges in Kenya.

Durable and long-lasting materials

The choice of construction and equipment materials matters for most architectural schools. The materials should come with ease of maintenance for the whole learning facility’s interior and exterior features. Some materials may be initially costly for long-lasting projects, but schools may save money by avoiding future maintenance and installations. Similarly, skimming roofing or flooring options can lead to repetitive maintenance or costly replacements. Therefore, an initial investment in higher-quality materials is the most cost-effective option. 

Kenya College of Interior Design is the best architecture college in Kenya because it uses the best materials for learning and running construction projects. The school also features the best skilled and experienced maintenance workers, who are quite a. Ideally, the schools achieve reduced maintenance burdens by asking their architects to incorporate easy-to-maintain and effective materials.

Creative Layouts & Mobile Furniture

It is crucial to avoid classroom cluttering when you add traditional bulky desks, chairs, storage pieces, and other furniture. Therefore, most architects are getting creative by designing long, narrow, narrow, and squared classrooms to give space free and easier movement. However, the location of the teaching walls and accessibility features vary from classroom to classroom. Consequently, modern Kenyan architects are ditching the conventional layout of rows of heavy desks facing the teacher for more easily and applicable options. 

Kenya College of Interior Design features mobile furniture, the most evolutionary part of school architecture. Similarly, the school incorporates lightweight tables, desks, and chairs on wheels, which are quicker to move, making it easier for you to rearrange furniture for group breakout sessions, discussions, and lectures. Similarly, the school opts to use concrete or vinyl flooring for easier mobility since moving anything on the carpet is difficult.

Modular Construction

There are more modular school designs among Kenyan colleges since architects can easily build and deliver a modular classroom quickly. Conventionally constructed schools may have lengthy timelines of on-site disruptions and wasted materials. However, architects construct modular schools off-site and transport them to where you need them easily. This modular features a more controllable building schedule and process that allows for construction and delivery nearly half the time with minimal disruption.

Kenya College of Interior Design is on the verge of incorporating this modern construction system into its architecture. Therefore, the school will be able to achieve better designs and results within a short period. Similarly, these modular constructions will allow the school to compete with other higher learning institutions regarding the effective delivery of information.

In conclusion

Kenya College of Interior design is the best architecture college in Kenya because it features some of the best and top-notch facilities that a higher learning institution can offer. The school also offers classroom constructions using materials low in toxins, irritants, and volatile organic compounds to create a comfortable and healthy atmosphere. The college features the best HVAC system that controls temperature and humidity. The system has exhaust fans, enhanced filtration, and ideal conditioners that remove odors and pollutants. Therefore, don’t look further when trying to pursue an architectural career in Kenya.
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