Best Colleges in Nairobi


Best Colleges in Nairobi

  1. Tumaini Institute of Management Studies
  2. Kenya Medical Training College
  3. Makini College
  4. Technical University of Kenya
  5. Zetech University
  6. East African School of Aviation
  7. Co-operative College of Kenya
  8. Evelyn College of Design

It is quite overwhelming for many Kenyan students by the college options in Nairobi when trying to decide where to start their exciting careers. It is tough to decide without considering the national rankings and college status. However, you can only choose the best college that meets your requirements and needs. Therefore, it is essential to research ranked schools while disregarding college classifications when they only serve to make your choice too difficult. Similarly, it is crucial to consider what is important to you and what school can fulfil your academic and learning thirst. Consequently, Kenya College of Interior Design features the best attributes that satisfy your career needs while providing a base for a successful career.

Why is KENCID among the best colleges in Nairobi?

The best colleges in Nairobi provide a solid learning base that can launch your successful career in various ways. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design ensures they stay at the forefront of the best colleges in Kenya by providing diverse amenities that focus on improving your technical skills, creativity, critical thinking, and ability to adapt to different environments. Similarly, the college puts your interests before anything else by ensuring your classes are equipped with the best lecturers and modern learning features. These features ensure you focus on your studies while maintaining an ideal learning culture. Consequently, the college has diverse attributes that will play an important role in your course duration. These attributes include:

Low Student to Faculty Ratio

Kenya College of Interior Design features a low student-to-faculty ratio because it is equipped with many best teaching professionals that come in handy to deliver the learning process. The student-to-faculty ratio at KENCID is an important figure to consider when you are looking for the best colleges in Nairobi. The college places large research and publication expectations on their teaching faculty, who teach fewer courses with the utmost keenness. Similarly, the college devotes more time to supervising the research for graduates and undergraduates, adding up to a very low student-to-faculty ratio. In addition, the school encourages its staff members to dedicate a lot of time to all learners and ensure teaching is the top priority.

Internships and Research Opportunities

Nothing comes in handy more when applying for jobs in Kenya than having hands-on, practical experience on your portfolio. Employers will always seek your contribution in a competitive setup to ensure they can utilize your essential skills. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design provides diverse and vigorous internship programs for experiential learning in collaboration with Interior Designers Association of Kenya. The colleges give you various opportunities to assist professors with funded research to help build your various skills. Similarly, the college helps you secure meaningful internships with top Kenyan companies specializing in your goals. In addition, you can take advantage of the college’s strong alum network when looking for work after graduation. These internships and research experience are essential whether you’re a mechanical engineer, designer, or an English major. Consequently, explore these experiential learning opportunities in the best ways possible. The Kenya College of Interior Design also gives you the opportunity to start your own business.

Engaging Curriculum

Most modern colleges in Kenya may confuse a trendy or gimmicky curriculum with an engaging one. Therefore, it’s important as you look at colleges to explore their course catalogues and review their curriculum to see if it meets your demands. Consequently, Kenya College of Interior Design gives you an ideal and strong first-year curriculum that supports your transition into college-level coursework. Similarly, the college ensures that you choose courses that interest you to avoid unnecessary dropouts or repetition of exams. KENCID provides elective courses that excite you if you know what you want to study. Therefore, look at the requirements of your course at Kenya College of Interior Design to ensure the courses you choose cover subject areas that attract you and will prepare you well for your preferred career, graduate program, or employment opportunity.

Affordable Fees & Financial Aid

One of the biggest let-downs for the best colleges in Nairobi is the affordability of their courses. Affordable courses are hard to come by, and you may need financial aid from sponsors or the college. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design reduces your course expenditure by offering an official financial aid package that will come in handy to relieve you of the tiring financial stress that comes with studying in Nairobi. The financial aid that the college offers you varies greatly depending on the course you take. The school also partners with other governmental institutions and programs that offer financial backup to students. For instance, KENCID links with HELB and other financial institutions to provide student loans you can pay during your study or after graduation. Similarly, the college offers a flexible fee payment policy that allows you to pay for your courses in instalments. These financial aids come in handy to ensure you focus on your studies and not worry much about your outstanding balances.

Clubs and Activities within Your Interests

The amount of co-curricular activities and the clubs present at a college come in handy to determine the level of education you can achieve at that institution. Therefore, ensure that a college covers the extracurriculars that interest you before choosing a school. Consider also the hobbies from your past high schools and if the college offers them. Remember, college is also the time to chase new interests. Consequently, be open to new options you can engage in while studying. Kenya College of Interior Design helps you discover lifelong passions when you try new things. The college offers activities with diverse personalities and priorities to help your mind stay fresh and exercised. The school also features sports competitions throughout Kenya that can expose your talent to the world. Remember, academics are the most essential part of your college career, but you also want a life that will be stimulating and fulfilling outside of class.

Campus Health and Safety

Most colleges are extremely safe, with different safety and campus security approaches. The crime rate in Kenyan colleges is quite low, with most thriving in some of the safest neighbourhoods in Nairobi. However, some may have major safety issues, with many cases being from the students. Therefore, it is important to take note of campus safety and the conduct history of the students before joining any college. Consequently, Kenya College of Interior Design features some of the tightest security measures that come in handy to regulate the behaviour of its learners. The school also features the best emergency call boxes throughout campus to allow for quick responses in an emergency. This safety ensures a smooth learning experience with complete trust in the school’s faculty and the non-teaching staff.

Campus health also comes into consideration when identifying the best colleges in Nairobi. Remember, a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind to concentrate on your studies. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design puts hygiene at the forefront to ensure students live and study in a healthy background. The school also features a fitness centre accessible to all learners for good exercise activities and maintaining the school’s athletes’ wellness. Similarly, KENCID has programs in place to educate you about responsible drinking and sexual health, which is a major concern in modern higher learning institutions. Remember, a healthy body and mind are much more likely to contribute to your general success in college.

Which is the best college in Nairobi?

Kenya College of Interior Design is the best college in Nairobi where you can fulfil your dreams by kick-starting a successful career. The college offers the above features with other essential amenities that come in handy to improve your chances of succeeding in any competitive industry. For instance, you will connect to a diverse network of KENCID alums who can provide employment opportunities and advice when starting your companies. The college also features extensive academic support services by providing individual tutors, office hours sessions, and counselling in various fields of interest. Combine these attributes with an ideal location in the best Nairobian neighbourhood, and you have one of the best colleges in Kenya that can help fulfil your dreams.

In Conclusion,

Kenya College of Interior Design is one of the best colleges in Nairobi, with the best graduation rate. Studying at this college links you to every person who has ever attended the college. This connectivity creates a wide alum network that can be a powerful tool for mentoring and professional guidance. Similarly, studying at KENCID opens up diverse employment opportunities even before you graduate. You can use this network for internships, job opportunities, and access to diverse and useful resources in your career. Therefore, the college should be at the top of your list when considering the best colleges in Nairobi that will contribute to a successful career.

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