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Interior Design is the best course to study in Kenya for various reasons. The course is also one of the most lucrative courses you can pursue and create a dependable career. Kenya College of Interior Design offers the ideal course in various programs and packages that improve your chances of a successful and fulfilling career in the competitive field. The course exposes you to diverse areas that will benefit your growth. 

Why is interior design the best course to study in Kenya?

Various interior design attributes make it the best course to study in Kenya. These attributes include:

Developing Skills

 A career in interior design develops your creative, critical thinking, and business skills in various ways. Therefore, you will learn how to meet a client’s requirements and specifications while also gaining on the financial side. Similarly, you can complete a project, from budgeting to implementing the design. In addition, an interior design course gives you an idea of how you would create your business and interior design firms while considering the planning and strategies.

Creative Course

Interior design is one of the most competitive industries regarding creativity and client satisfaction. Therefore, the course is ideal if you possess the passion and creative skills to improve. The course allows you to approach colour schemes, design elements, and functionality to create outstanding work and living spaces. This creativity involves thinking about what matches harmoniously with your fabrics, depending on your client’s needs. In addition, using colour charts, mood boards, and drawings allows you to improve your ideas and the final delivery.

Engaging and challenging projects

Every interior design project you take on as an industry professional will be engaging and challenging in various ways. Therefore, you can test your creativity, technical skills, and critical thinking. Similarly, interior design will sharpen your sense of patience, commitment and relationship with your clients. Similarly, interior designing is an active profession that will never bore you as you regularly engage in various creative aspects of design. Remember, an interior designing course equips you with essential skills to face all these challenges in the field. Remember, you will have to achieve client goals and requirements on time, under budget and up to their expectation. Consequently, you will develop a bond with society and clientele in general.

Diversity in sectors and industries

Diversity is a fascinating reason that makes an interior designing course the best course to study in Kenya. As a Kenyan interior designer, you get opportunities to work in diverse sectors around home decor, working spaces, and outdoor decoration. All the industries around interior design function with different goals, requirements, tastes, and budgets. Therefore, you will benefit from pursuing an interior designing course and incorporating your knowledge in other sectors and industries. Consequently, opting for an interior designing course at Kenya College of Interior Design is the right move if you are looking for diversity.

Huge enriching exposure

Pursuing an interior design career allows you to work with professionals with expertise in different industries. Therefore, you come across huge exposure to diverse skills and knowledge areas because an interior designing course at Kenya College of Interior Design opens many doors of discovery and exploration. Similarly, you get a better position to make a difference and positively change people’s lives. Remember, interior designers impact people’s lives in a given environment by producing creative ideas and developing functional projects. There is also an unending possibility of growth in the interior design sector, giving you a huge potential for entrepreneurship. Therefore, you can dream of a bright future as an independent entrepreneur by setting up your firm and enjoying the freedom of being your boss.

Interior design is the best course to study in Kenya, especially if you pursue it at Kenya College of Interior Design. However, other ideal courses can help you launch a successful career in various fields. Some of these ideal courses include:

Architecture and architectural studies

Architecture is an engineering field involving various technological aspects and skills in designing and constructing buildings and infrastructure. Art, creativity, analytical, and other mathematical skills are essential to prosper in this discipline. Modern architects earn a significant and ideal salary with an added advantage that allows them to venture into self-employment. Kenya College of Interior Design is also an ideal school to pursue various architectural courses that can help you launch a successful career in the highly competitive architecture industry.

Pharmaceutical Courses

Pharmacy courses are ideal because of their vast, ever-growing opportunities. The course also opens doorways to other fields, including research, community health, industry, nursing, and academia. However, the qualification requirements for this course largely depend on the learning institution of choice. This course also requires a strong chemistry, biology, and mathematics background. This course allows you to venture into self-employment, such as operating and licensing pharmacies.


Aviation is one of the most lucrative courses you can pursue in Kenya. It’s also one of the best courses that prioritise the best students because of the nature of the work it offers. However, it’s a very expensive course that can be very rewarding, making it one of the highest-paying jobs worldwide. Not all higher learning institutions offer this course because of its complexity and practice requirements. Therefore, enrolling in the undergraduate program or the diploma course requires good mathematics, physics, and geography grades.

software engineering

The 21st century is an era of social media and technology. Therefore, many modern businesses in Kenya market themselves online because most of their clientele has access to digital platforms and devices to access information from the internet. Consequently, mobile apps are very popular for entertainment, banking, studying, and access to resources. This diversity provides a huge market for web developers and software engineers. Similarly, this makes software engineering one of the best courses to study in Kenya. Remember, most modern Kenyan companies require the services of a software engineer, including Safaricom, and they might pay handsomely for your services.

Winding Up

Interior design is the best course to study in Kenya for various reasons. Kenya College of Interior Design offers the ideal course in various programs that equip you with the necessary skills and essential information to venture into the interior decor industry. The college features modern learning systems with the aid of industry professionals who guide you into a successful and fulfilling career. 

Best Paying Diploma Courses in Kenya?

Interior Design

The real estate sector is a booming industry in the modern business setup. Therefore, there is a high demand for creative and innovative industry professionals in the interior design field. Consequently, interior décor courses from Kenya College of Interior Design allow you to tap into this lucrative opportunity by acquiring extensive and detailed information on the same. The school provides all the essential help you require as an aspiring interior designer to allow you to approach diverse projects with creativity and innovativeness. Industrial professionals and highly-experienced teachers equip you with vital skills to meet customer requirements while maintaining functionality in your designs. 

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