1. KENCID (Kenya College of Interior Design)
  2.  UON (The Nairobi University)
  3. TUK ( Technical University of Kenya)
  4. Kabete National Polytechnic
  5. Eldoret National Polytechnic

Architecture is simply the art and science of designing and engineering buildings. Architecture is distinct from construction skills in that it is the art and technique of designing and building. It refers to both the process and the end result of sketching, conceiving, planning, designing, and building buildings or other structures. Therefore as an architect those things are what you will focusing on.

Architecture is an exciting and fast-paced world that attracts passionate and creative people. If you want a career that gives you incredible artistic freedom, interesting and varied work, a greater appreciation, and the ability to impact society and people around you, this is the career for you. Then look no further; a diploma in architecture will provide you with the necessary skills, confidence, and a stepping stone to begin your career in this exciting industry.

Architecture is studied both at degree and diploma levels:

Victoria Courts


Quite a number of the best ranked universities offer this course. Here is a list of a few universities that do offer;

  1. University of Nairobi
  2. JKUAT
  3. Kenyatta University
  4. TUK (Technical University of Kenya)
  5. TUM ( Technical University of Mombasa)


  1. KENCID (Kenya College of Interior Design)
  2. TUM ( Technical University of Mombasa)
  3. TUK ( Technical University of Kenya)
  4. Kabete National Polytechnic
  5. Eldoret National Polytechnic


With all these choices you can see it can be a daunting task to choose which school really offers the best curriculum when it comes to architecture, but worry no more Kenya College of Interior Design comes on top as the best college to study architecture in Kenya. Here is why;

  1. Engaging curriculum

An architectural curriculum needs to be engaging and exciting. Kenya college of Interior Design has a robust first-year curriculum to support every students transition into college level coursework especially if you are straight from high school.

Several alumni from KENCID have described the architecture coursework in this school as informative and exciting. One of the alumni went further and said, he would highly recommend the school to his children.

  1. Academic and Financial support

At KENCID the fee payment policy is well tailored to meet the needs of students from every economic background. You can easily access a free structure from their website.

In addition to this academic support comes in form of quick assess to books, notes and other academic materials. Students who have a problem keeping up with the coursework receive individual attention from the lecturers thus nobody is left behind at KENCID none at all.

  1. Opportunities for career advancement and leadership.

Everybody attends college to advance themselves professional wise and also to gain some leadership skills. Kenya College of Interior Design will help and guide you when it comes to job application, internships and also graduate studies. In the same vein KENCID offers internships, employment and scholarships to those super talented students.

Lecturers at Kenya College of Interior Design will go heaven and earth to ensure that all students who join to study architecture graduate as wholesome individuals who can handle extra responsibilities as leaders. This is a plus to the students who can go ahead and become great leaders in the society. KENCID nurtures selflessness, courage, integrity and honesty into all the students therefore making them great leaders in the process.

  1. College Amenities

A college without amenities is no college at all. At the Kenya college of Interior Design, we have the latest and the most sophisticated installations of lighting, WiFi connection, state of art buildings and learning desks. In addition to this the campus has a recreational center for socializing and a counselling center for students struggling with mental health issues.

  1. A High rate of graduation

A high drop out rate is a deal breaker for most colleges in the world all over. Everybody joins college with the goal of gaining the relevant skills and then graduate within the stipulated time frame. KENCID has a high rate of graduation as evidenced by data from the dean’s office. This doesn’t mean that some students are not problematic, it means that various strategies has been formulated by the campus to ensure a low dropout rate. Ask around and you will hear that KENCID is doing better than most.

  1. 6.Low student faculty ratio

This means that the ratio of students to lecturers is low, therefore a single lecturer caters for much fewer students. This is actually good for students since they are not left to their own devices. This ensures that the relevant skills are impacted on learners.


The above named reasons are what makes the Kenya College of Interior Design perfect for and any aspiring architect out there to grab this chance and enroll for their architecture program. The following are the objectives for the architecture program at KENCID;

  1. This Architecture diploma program will teach you how to apply architectural technology to construction and building design while also developing your logical and critical thinking skills.
  2. Students in this program will learn how to create fully detailed drawings and specifications for building construction, both manually and using CAD spoftware.

The minimum entry requirement for a diploma in architecture at Kenya College of Interior design is KCSE mean grade of C- and those who wish to undertake a certificate course only require a mean grade of D.

At the Kenya College of Interior Design the architectural program emphasizes on artistic sensibilities, social and ethical responsibility as an integral part of an art and design education. In this program students are fueled by their own expanding curiosities and convictions, guided and challenged by professors engaged in diverse research, and energized by conversations and collaborations with professionals, industry partners, community members, and international leaders in architecture and design.

The programs at KENCID are recognized by respected industry leaders and taught by experienced, hands-on lecturers. All Kencid programs are accredited by TVETA and other technical institutions regulation agencies.

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