College Offering Graphic Design in Nairobi


College Offering Graphic Design in Nairobi

Kenya College of Interior Design is the ideal college offering graphic design in Nairobi for various reasons. First, the college makes spotting your talent and eye for good design easy. In addition, the college ensures that you have an eye for creativity and elements that work together to make a bold statement. This process propels you toward a fulfilling career as a graphic designer. Similarly, using top-notch technology helps create ideal and attractive work. The college helps expand your idea of being a graphic design professional in a competitive industry. You indulge in other exercises that explore the purpose behind every graphic design, change in the design industry, and the types of graphic design that motivate your creative career.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design involves much more than creating images because it is a form of visual communication that helps us pass information, shares ideas, and persuade the audience when considering new perspectives. Design helps mediate between people and decisions while promoting a specific point of view. Similarly, it is a valuable feed that can connect your work with consumers and convey a specific message. You can use your design skills in diverse ways, including boosting sales in a marketing campaign, creating animation characters, or pioneering a functional product into the consumer market. You can also collaborate with other creative professionals who use their design skills to reach bigger target audiences through their visual work.

The evolution of graphic design through different ages and generations is evidence enough of the importance of these features in our daily lives. Recently, the print industry has used graphic descriptions to describe essential design elements like typography, arts, logo creation, and color theory. These foundational design elements also evolve in diverse ways through different generations, the most recent being the advent of the digital age and modern design software. Graphic designers can merge their design skills with technology ever since popular design programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were invented.

This evolution means modern graphic designers have more advanced tools than any other generation in the history of graphic design. Therefore, if you stay on top of changes in design software, you can find yourself in an excellent place to continue expanding your career, no matter which type of graphic design you pursue. Consequently, Kenya College of Interior Design offers diverse graphic design courses to ensure you stay on top of the competition. These courses will be helpful when seeking or creating employment opportunities in the competitive market. The college gives you this versatility because most graphic design job descriptions overlap. You can use your skills in various roles depending on your company or industry.

Some of the best graphic design courses in Nairobi that Kenya College of Interior Design offers you include:

Product design

Product designers in Kenya use their creativity to research, design, and develop new products. You can create various products in this field depending on which industry you specialize in and your career path. As a product designer, you may also conduct market research to make the product you create to appeal to the target audience while keeping competitors’ copyrights in mind. Similarly, you can create initial illustrations and prototypes of the designs you intend to use before the company starts production. Your work may range from various types of products, product packaging, marketing designs, and product illustrations. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design equips you with the essential skills and tools that you will need to become a professional product designer. For Instance, the college helps you acquire top-notch Market research skills, prototyping ideas, 3D modeling techniques, and Adobe Creative Suite knowledge.

Branding design

Branding is a corporate design branch that focuses on the visual identity of a company, service, or product. As a branding designer, you must be in tune with the marketing message that a brand wants to send and know its target audience. Every aspect of branding design aligns with the general outreach of a product and how the products fit into the more prominent aesthetic of the company or organization. You will be responsible for the consumers’ perception of a company by creating the best branding strategies and campaigns. Kenya College of Interior Design will come in handy by offering the best branding skills and knowledge. Therefore, you will put these skills to work by developing a visual brand that connects with the target audience while projecting the right message about the company. The college will equip you with techniques that can help you create logos, website branding, product merchandise, banners, company letterheads, business cards, and signage.

Website design

There’s a graphic designer behind every website you visit and mobile application you download. To be a good website designer, you need a robust user experience (UX) design background to ensure the sites you design are as user-friendly as possible on all devices. You will use all your design skills to create easy-to-use online spaces with an appealing visual appearance and one that is compatible with SEO best practices. Kenya College of Interior Design ensures you acquire the best website design skills that can help you create products aligned with your client’s branding. This graphic design course is quite marketable in the Kenyan industry, and you will surely land a lucrative employment opportunity after completing your studies at KENCID.

Environmental and Interior design

Environmental graphic design involves merging basic design principles with architectural elements and landscape creations to generate signs, maps, posts, and other visual elements that people can use to navigate different places. This course is a broader notion of all communication in the built environment and how people consume modern interior design. You will create diverse visuals like digital text and wall spaces that appear on the exterior of buildings, advertisements, museum exhibit layouts, and smart cities. Kenya College of Interior Design comes in handy to provide the best training in all environment-related courses. Therefore, you will have a valuable asset in the competitive market after completing your studies.

Animation design

The advertising and film industry is evolving at a very commendable pace. Therefore, there is a higher demand for animation and motion designers who can use specialized software to create diverse characters like cartoons, animated social media graphics, and digital adverts. Your graphics can provide entertainment and advertising platforms for TV shows, programs, or video games. Kenya College of Interior Design comes in handy to provide the best training in animation that can help draw attention to various corporate social media accounts or campaigns. This training also helps you teach people through animated informational videos and motion graphics. You can also work with a team of professionals to absorb their creative ideas through rough sketches to fully animated creations. Kenya College of Interior Design can give you the best training to create video games, cartoons, adverts, and animations for television or movies, brand animation for social media channels, and motion graphics for online videos.

How Long Does It Take for You to Study Graphic Design?

Learning graphic design depends on the type of course you study. Similarly, the institution you study in and your learning habits play a crucial role in the length of your program. While some may prefer YouTube videos and play around with design software, you can learn from the best professionals at Kenya College of Interior Design through advanced training. The training comes in structured and instructor-led classes that help you pay attention to detail in all your design projects. It is one of the best institutions if you prefer being a lifelong learner that finds inspiration and knowledge in your work experience. The qualified professionals at the schools also play a vital role in helping you become a great graphic designer with a keen eye who can learn and try new approaches when solving different problems.

Most graphic design Diplomas usually take 18 months to complete, with Bachelor’s Degree taking up to 4 years. Remember, aspiring designers have plenty of options regardless of your creative perspective and whatever best captures your interest.

How Can I Become a Professional Graphic Designer?

The difference between a professional and a rookie graphic designer is quite notable. It would be best if you had some of the best characteristics to be a professional graphic designer. For Instance, it’s crucial to utilize all design processes from concept to delivery and apply an extensive visual vocabulary with tools to create attractive artwork. Similarly, you must effectively communicate your creative vision to clients while understanding how to use color, typography, and other essential design elements.

Kenya College of Interior Design comes in handy to help you display a strong work ethic, professional demeanor, and good time management skills. KENCID’s professionals also equip you with essential knowledge that helps you possess the manual and digital mastery of graphic design skills required to thrive in the competitive industry.

In Conclusion

Kenya College of Interior Design is one of the best graphic design schools where you can study graphic design. The school offers an exclusive, practical, well-compounded graphic design course and an extensive program that prepares students with the best skills they need to navigate the creative industry. As a KENCID student, you will learn through industry experts while networking with a vast community of like-minded creatives who can help you achieve your graphic design dreams faster.

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