Colleges Offering Web and Graphic Design in Kenya


Colleges Offering Web and Graphic Design in Kenya

Kenya College of Interior Design is one of Kenya’s best higher learning institutions offering web and graphics. These colleges range from governmental institutions to private schools with the best programs you can utilize. These colleges include;

Best College to Study Graphic Design in Kenya

  • Kenya College of Interior Design
  • ADMI
  • Kenya Institute of Software Engineering.
  • Institute of Advanced Technology


KENCID is the best preferable institution for a college offering either a short or long-term course in Graphic Design. The college features one of the best practical training programs in Graphic Design that can come in handy in the competitive market. Similarly, their graphic design courses are one of the most marketable in Kenya and ideal for working in top digital companies in and around Kenya. The college’s programs also use unique curriculum leverages and learning resources from diverse software companies, practice tests, and real-world applications like attachments and internships that give you the best experience.

The ideal training at Kenya College of Interior Design enables you to graduate with impressive portfolios and connections to recognized employers worldwide. Remember, you can combine this course with a Video Editing Course at KENCID to make your skills more marketable. These courses will help you learn visual and online communication strategies that will allow you to prepare promotional materials for your brand and other businesses. Similarly, professionals will help you understand digital Art, interactive media, web design, and typography. Therefore, your project management and creative problem-solving skills will tremendously improve, allowing you to approach different disciplines and opportunities using programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.

Web and graphic design learning outcomes at  KENCID

Kenya College of Interior Design features top web and graphic design professionals who will guide you through the learning process in your studies. Upon completing the program, you can start building brands for print and digital media using design essential graphic design principles like typography, color, and balance. Similarly, you can venture into the composition and enhancement of images, creating illustrations, and designing websites using the Adobe Creative Cloud. Your skill set will also be helpful when creating interactive media elements like Motion Graphics, game characters, and action icons. Remember, you will have more freedom because graphic designers do not face any restrictions when trying to improve programming, resolution, or speed.

Most modern companies and organizations will require you to effectively and visually portray their brand essence, the values they represent, and their identity through diverse media. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design ensures you the basics of logo creation, packaging, and advertising because your role is critical in depicting your client’s message to their target audience. In addition, the skill you acquire will help you produce designs that deliver the clients’ message with high visual impact by working on various products, including websites, clothing merchandise, books, and magazines. Your work will also be helpful in corporate identity advertising, exhibitions, and computer games. As a graduate of KENCID in this program, you will dive into well-paying jobs such as Graphic design, Creative directing, Web design & development, Art directing, Digital marketing specialists, Marketing management, and Mobile App Development.

Is graphic design a promising career?

Graphic design is an ideal career for people with creative thinking capacities and great love for Art, technology, and communication. Every modern industry has its design needs, with most entirely depending on the sector to thrive. Therefore, you will have many opportunities and exciting opportunities to work in competitive, well-paying jobs nationwide. Consequently, graphic design is also a fulfilling career that will have you see the real-world impact of your work. The Kenya College of Interior Designs career guide helps you take the first steps toward a successful career in graphic design. Remember, many companies will seek the best Graphic Designers with real-world experience.

Kenya College of Interior Design exposes you to various ways of gaining experience in the highly competitive market. For instance, the college ensures you venture into many personal projects, volunteer projects, and internships to help showcase your skills. However, many employers may require relevant work experience rather than one you gain from school. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design features an extensive industrial attachment that is essential before graduating. The institution allows you to work in the best graphic design jobs and build a strong portfolio with various projects that can help interest other employers. Similarly, the college will enable you to start freelancing right away to help further develop your portfolio.

What is the career perspective for graphic designers?

Graphic design is an essential marketing tool in the modern industry. Therefore, you can add value to many workplaces as a professional graphic designer. However, the demand for Graphic Designers varies depending on the industry a company specializes in. For instance, employment opportunities for designers in the publishing industry are declining. However, there is an increased demand for these professionals in computer systems design and related services because these companies continue growing their digital presence.

You will acquire transferable skills to help you branch out into other design fields and transition into related professions, such as user experience (UX), user interface (UI) design, and web development. As a Web & Graphic Design graduate, you could end up on the radar of working either “in-house” for large or medium-sized organizations or for agencies that get hired by other organizations. It is always your choice to venture into self-employment as a freelancer, either full-time or in addition to other work. This flexibility ensures your career perspective stays broader and more lucrative while creating a secure feeling about your profession.

What is the average salary for a web and graphic Designer?

The average Graphic Designer’s salary varies according to various factors, including the competition, country, and market status in different regions. However, the average salary for graphic designers can range between $10,000 and $100,000 in a year. For those starting in graphic design, the average wage is less than the professionals with more than five years of experience. Similarly, Art and Creative Directors will earn higher depending on specialization.

For instance, a Web Designer may take an average of KES 1,800,000 annually in Kenya, with the overall average salary being KES 900,000 annually. These numbers may vary according to companies, diverse sectors, and the experience of a specific designer. Therefore, this is one of the most lucrative sectors in the digital market that can expand your chances of making a sizable living. Remember, creativity and passion for your work will improve your chances of earning higher than your peers.

Can I study both graphic design and web design?

Graphic design is an individual discipline that plays an essential role in web design and development because it communicates the brand’s ideas or stories visually. On the other hand, web design focuses primarily on the programming, accessibility, usability, and appearance of a different website. Therefore, web and graphic design input help boost brand awareness in unison. These two roles work together to ensure a smooth user experience while utilizing your creativity and imagination to merge all the elements. Consequently, they depend because you can compromise one’s effectiveness if they aren’t working together. The objective of both roles minds the audience; you create the designs and graphics together. This dependency ensures you cover the visual and functional aspects while delivering a high-quality website that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations.

Therefore, studying web and graphics design in Kenya highly depends on your perspective of the overall profession. Most graphic designers may have the basics and logistics behind building a website. However, web designers and developers have more expertise in this area. Kenya College of Interior Design gives you diverse opportunities to study separately or in a merged program. This flexibility ensures you can focus on what you prefer. The school avails the resources and knowledge of both roles to help make a difference in how you present your ideas to your audience. Each position will have its specialties; if the roles overlap, you may need help when taking on too much.

Winding Up

Studying graphic design is an exciting and rewarding exercise for people that love challenges and exploring their creativity. Kenya College of Interior Design is one of the best colleges offering web and graphic design in Kenya that can help you achieve a reputable career. The school provides dynamic and all-inclusive training that ensures a smooth transition into the employment sector. Remember, you will work on different tasks over and over in the design industry. The industry has stiff competition, like any business, and the skills you acquire from KENCID will come in handy to distinguish you from the rest of the group. The school helps you start from a niche or idea to become an expert prepared to face problems and challenges with a clear mind while trusting the design process. Consequently, ensure that you apply all that you learn while keeping tabs on the current technological trends and graphic design ideas to know and understand what customers and clients want.

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