Post: Diploma in architecture in Kenya requirements

Diploma in architecture in Kenya requirements

The Requirement for a Diploma in Architecture in Kenya  is at least an average grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)

Architecture is one of the most paying and fulfilling careers that a Kenyan student can prefer to pursue. The course entails various career options where the graduates can absorb themselves in the Building Industry, Design under the guidance of an Architect, play Advisory roles of a technical, financial, and policymaking nature, and take up teaching opportunities. Similarly, you can become a Research consultant within the industry and with Non-Governmental Organizations, engage in Interior Architecture, pursue Landscape design, and become Architectural conservation. Some graduates may also prefer to pursue Architectural journalism, while others will opt for Sales and Marketing consultants within the industry. A diploma in architecture in Kenya at the Kenya College of Interior Design will hand you all these opportunities for your career perfection.

KENCID Entrance Requirements

Candidates eligible for admission and study of diploma in architecture courses in Kenya must satisfy the college’s general admission criteria. Similarly, the school requires you to have a specific minimum grade on the KCSE examination in various subjects. The most basic ones are English, Kiswahili, Physics, Mathematics, and Geography. The school might consider other diverse subjects like Building Construction or Art and Design.

Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design features various types and categories of applicants depending on their means of entry into the school’sschool’s different diploma in Architecture courses. For instance, KCSE Candidates qualify directly for such studies by meeting the essential admissions requirement of at least an average grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

What subjects do I need to study architecture in Kenya?

To qualify for a diploma in architecure in Kenya , you must perform well with a good grade of at least C in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

 Similarly, KENCID can also enroll A-Levels, or Equivalent candidates with a minimum of two (2) principal passes in Mathematics and Physics. It would help if you also had a subsidiary level pass in Chemistry with a credit pass in English at O-Level to qualify for a diploma in architecture courses at Kenya College of Interior Design.

Diploma in landscape architecture in kenya

Kenya College of Interior Design admits students from diverse backgrounds who come to pursue vast courses for various reasons. Therefore, the school aims to provide purposeful education and training for the real world. This extensive training extends to the diploma in architecture courses to ensure that your knowledge aligns with the course curriculum. Consequently, the school takes you through the proper process and orientation to allow an easier transition into professionalism.

Kenya College of Interior Design allows you to merge your creativity, ambitions, and career goals to produce the best architectural intelligence in Kenya. Therefore, you can avoid misinformation or falling short in relevant architectural projects you might pursue. Similarly, the training takes you through a design process essential for functional and environment-friendly architectural practice. KENCID also allows you to venture into your entrepreneurial self by helping you discover your business skills and beneficial factors that arise from involvement in the architectural industry. Diploma in architecture in Kenya requirements

Diploma in Architecture Examinations

Architecture is quite a competitive but lucrative industry requiring attention to detail and the best accuracy you can offer. Remember, a functional design or building plan must cater to its occupants’ safety and well-being. Therefore, the industry allows no room for avoidable errors or discrepancies that might compromise the integrity of the various architectural projects. In addition, you cannot create plans or buildings with no essential or commercial value for your clients.

Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design aims to provide the most accurate information with constant testing to produce graduates eligible for the architectural industry. The college features vigorous examinations that allow them to know your level of understanding of the lectures offered in the classrooms. These exams also help jog your memory into remembering essential details in your learning process.

Please pass these examinations to avoid supplementary examinations because you must proceed to the next academic year with the proper qualifications. Similarly, the school shall require you to retake the units you fail in the supplementary exams. These examinations give you a second chance to redeem your grades even after underperforming. Therefore, consider the best revision exercises while pursuing a diploma in architecture at Kenya College of Interior Design.

Industrial Attachments

Industrial attachments and other industry-based learning systems give you an ideal experience transitioning from a student to an industry professional. Similarly, an architectural candidate must satisfactorily undertake a perfect industrial attachment and pass it before proceeding to the next level of study. These attachments allow you to interact and gain knowledge from experienced industry professionals. In addition, you create constructive relationships with these professionals to merge with their works and companies in the future.

Kenya College of Interior Design ensures that it takes you through various industrial attachment programs to benefit your career. The school is strict on these attachments and may only allow you to graduate if you succeed in them. However, KENCID will come in handy to connect you to the best firms and companies that will offer ideal architectural experience on various levels. Therefore, you will not have to worry about missing out on completing your architectural studies because of the lack of an attachment.


A diploma in the architecture program in Kenya will lead to an outstanding award that can be ideal for pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the same field. Kenya College of Interior Design provides you with essential knowledge that will aid in an easier transition into your university studies, should you opt to further your architectural studies.

In Conclusion,

Diploma in architecture in Kenya requirements may vary from one higher learning institution to another. For instance, Kenya College of Interior Design allows you to pursue the course by considering your performance in essential subjects like English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. The college ensures you get a fair chance and opportunity to explore your creative capabilities while improving your living standards.

Therefore, consider joining  KENCID for your architectural studies. 

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