The Foundation Certificate in Graphic Design is an immersive program designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the principles and techniques of graphic design. 

QUALIFICATION: Mean grade of D- (minus) in KCSE Or equivalent.

DURATION: 2 Semesters


The Foundation Certificate in Graphic Design offers a well-rounded curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Students will engage in hands-on projects, interactive workshops, and design exercises to develop their creative thinking, problem-solving, and technical abilities. With a focus on both traditional and digital design practices, this program equips students with the necessary tools to bring their design concepts to life.

Course Topics:

Introduction to Graphic Design: An overview of the history, principles, and elements of graphic design. Students will explore the role of graphic design in visual communication and develop a critical understanding of design aesthetics.

Typography and Layout Design: Understanding the fundamentals of typography, including type anatomy, hierarchy, and legibility. Students will learn how to effectively use typefaces and layout principles to create visually compelling designs.

Branding and Identity Design: Exploring the process of creating strong and cohesive brand identities. Students will learn how to develop brand concepts, design logos, and apply consistent visual elements across various marketing materials.

Digital Design and Interactive Media: Introduction to digital design tools and software used in the industry, such as Adobe Creative Suite. Students will learn to create digital graphics, web design elements, and interactive user interfaces.

Illustration and Image Manipulation: Developing skills in illustration techniques, image editing, and manipulation. Students will learn how to create original illustrations and enhance images using industry-standard software.

Print Production and Prepress: Understanding the technical aspects of preparing designs for print. Students will learn about color management, file formats, print specifications, and working with print vendors.

Career Options

Graduates of the Foundation Certificate in Graphic Design are well-positioned to pursue entry-level positions in the field of graphic design. They may find opportunities in design studios, advertising agencies, publishing houses, marketing departments, or as freelance designers. Job roles can include graphic designer, layout artist, digital media designer, brand identity designer, or production assistant.

Accredited & Fully Registered With TVETA
Affiliated to Interior Designers Association of Kenya
Affiliated to The African Institute of the Interior Designs Professions