How Long Does it Take to Interior Design a House


How Long Does it Take to Interior Design a House

The interior design of a house is a process that requires attention to detail. Interior designers work with diverse clients to actualize the house into decorative and sustainable spaces.

factors that determine how long it takes to interior design a house

  1. Interior designers’ skillset
  2. Size of the house
  3. Scope of the interior design
  4. Source of interior design products
  5. Client budget
  6. Materials used for the designing process

Interior designers’ skillset

Various interior designers come with diverse skillsets. Therefore, an experienced designer will take a shorter time compared to beginner designers. Primarily, a typical interior design process will take between a month and two to complete. Kenya College of Interior Design produces creative designers with advanced designing skills. Hence, they can easily adjust to your timelines conveniently.

Additionally, various interior designers engage in more than one project. If their pipeline is full of projects, the designer will be juggling multiple deadlines. In most cases, some can end up being delayed over others. Therefore, it is crucial to know the designer you are dealing with. Establish effective communication to know if they are involved in other projects that will delay yours.

Size of the house

Size is a crucial factor that determines how long the interior designing process will take.  A luxurious bungalow will take more time to design than a one-bedroom house. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the space of your house before assigning it to a designer. Consequently, it will help you set clear deadlines and avoid conflicting with designing teams.

However, an interior designer can also assess the size of the living space and determine how long it will take him to complete the designing process. 

Scope of the interior design

Various clients have diverse interior designing requirements. For instance, some will want the total house makeover, while others will only require the modification of a specific room or house detail. Consequently, a full house interior decoration will take more time than a specific living space design. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the scope of the interior designing process to analyze and set clear timelines for designers.

Moreover, some clients will allow designers to use already available resources like furniture and other household accessories. It will help reduce interior designing periods by cutting off items that the designer will modify.

 Source of interior design products

Many retailers and vendors of interior designing products are available countrywide. In addition, various clients have their preferred source of products where they can recommend their designer to purchase the products. If the source provided is unreliable, it can lead to delayed purchases and delivery issues. Therefore, this will lead to the consumption of more time to complete the designing process.

A reliable and efficient source of designing products is recommended. They will aid in shortening the time taken to complete the interior design process. Additionally, you can let the interior designer have the freedom of choice for the source of products. Sometimes, this can be costly, but the designer will identify the most reliable vendor to speed up the designing process.

Client budget

The clients’ budget helps a designer determine if they can hire extra help from others. If the budget is low, it will restrict the designer from acquiring labor leading to longer designing processes. A good budget allows the designer to acquire additional manpower. Therefore, the designer can meet deadlines in advance or complete the process in a shorter period than required.

However, some interior designers have their designing firms. The design companies help them accomplish their projects in time but on various budgets. Therefore, it’s crucial to analyze their budgets to determine if they are favorable for you.

Materials used for the designing process

Installation processes may defer according to the types of materials used. Some materials require more time to allow the installation of their respective components. For instance, a house makeover may take longer to complete because concrete and ceramic installments are required to dry up.

In conclusion, the above factors will determine the time taken to complete the interior design of a house. That’s why Kenya College of Interior Design equips designers with sufficient knowledge in the sector. Therefore, a graduate from this institution will know the best ways to play around with the above factors to produce an interior design of a house within your budget and set deadlines.


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