How much does it Cost to Study Architecture in Kenya


How much does it Cost to Study Architecture in Kenya?

It cost around 40,000-200,000  Kenya shillings to study architecture course in Kenya

Studying architecture in Kenya puts young people under substantial financial pressure. Indeed, it isn’t cheap to pursue a career in architecture because the training is unusually long, but in some parts of the world, tuition fees are also set at higher-than-average rates. Moreover, aspiring Kenyan architects must support themselves through two or three years of internships and industrial attachments and pay for specialized materials, software, and study trips. Therefore, it is worth it. The breaking down of the costs of qualifying as an architect in Kenya depends on some factors beyond course fees that you may wish to consider.

How much does it cost to become an architect in Kenya?

The cost of qualifying as a practicing architect in Kenya depends on where you study. However, it will also depend on your level of study. Be it a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree, a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree, or a diploma course, the cost will depend on the type of program your school also supports. Kenya College of Interior Design allows you to study at the diploma level at affordable fees and ideal fee payment policies that are best for young Kenyan architects.

Before getting a license, a Kenyan architect must provide documented evidence of a certain number of experience. Registration as a recognized architect has its registration fee and an annual renewal cost. Similarly, you must also pay for and pass the Architect Registration Examination, which qualifies you for the license application. After submitting the license application fee, you submit your details to the national registration board to forward to the appropriate jurisdiction. Therefore, you need a good amount of money to qualify as an architect in Kenya. However, you can look at the bright side of it, as you can command a higher salary than other unregistered architects in the industry will.

Cost factors

The cost of registering as a professional architect in Kenya depends on various factors. Your architectural course fees are likely your significant expense in college. However, many other costs come with being an architecture student and a practicing professional. These cost factors affect the overall fee for becoming a licensed practitioner in Kenya. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design comes with countermeasures to help you navigate these costs. Some of these measures include:


With a reputable architecture school on your doorstep, you can pay for accommodation while studying in major cities. There is no cheap way of accommodating students in global cities like Nairobi and New York, even if you stay in college dorm rooms. Similarly, during your internships, the issue becomes even more complicated because you have to live in private rented accommodation while earning little or nothing. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design gives you affordable housing plans that are ideal for all Kenyan students.

Materials and tools

Architecture requires various learning resources and materials that other degrees do not have. These items may include books, specialist art materials, tools, and computer software that set you back hundreds or even thousands of your cash. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design ensures it reduces your school expenditure by providing libraries, internet connectivity, and other essential learning resources to help you excel in the architectural industry.


An architectural career involves concept development and presentation in the simplest way possible. Therefore, you will surely use your laptop and drawing tablet for much more than just researching and writing essays. Thus, an ideal device with the latest Microsoft Office installation and an up-to-date system that can handle powerful software is essential for your career excellence. This software includes Revit, SketchUp, Adobe Suite, and AutoCAD. Kenya College of Interior Design has a modern computer laboratory with the best computer installations to allow you to avoid buying new personal computers, which are expensive.


An architectural career involves a lot of paperwork and presentation, especially when starting projects and convincing clients. Therefore, you will print more than your other college mates doing history courses. You might have your printing machines, but the price always adds up because raw materials such as ink or plastics are exhausted. Kenya College of Interior Design provides essential printing machinery that is up to date to help you avoid printing costs. The school features modern devices that allow the quality presentation of your ideas and concepts through print formats.

School Study trips

A successful architecture study requires exposure to different architectural styles. This exposure includes modern and local ideas, even if you only travel within your country. However, the travel and expenditure costs can soon add up, while other visits will hit your bank balance harder. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design ensures your architectural course involves compulsory trips that are pocket-friendly and essential during content delivery. Similarly, the school provides cheaper options for accessing their trip research through online platforms like social media accounts and well-documented events.

Living and Socializing

Architectural students in Kenya worry about various things like utility bills, transport costs, clothes, and food. Therefore, they require more access to campus, affordable living, and ideal security. Similarly, being a student should be fun and inclusive in society. Consequently, you must ensure you can save time and money for movies, exhibitions, and parties. Kenya College of Interior Design is in an ideal and easily accessible location that gives you diverse options for affordable and sustainable living.

In conclusion,

The costs of becoming a professional architect in Kenya can initially seem overwhelming. Therefore, it’s a sad scenario when many students from poorer backgrounds immediately rule it out because of expenditure costs. Others worry that the debt will stay with you for decades, compared to the average salaries in the industry. Many young architects must take out loans from high street banks or their able parents if they are lucky enough. Therefore, make sure you plan what you will need to spend and where the money will come from during your college stay. Kenya College of Interior Design might help you solve financial issues when pursuing architecture at any Nairobian College.

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