How to interior design office


How to interior design office

Office interior design is one of the determinants of staff productivity in a company. It’s vital to consult with a professional interior designer when setting up a new office or redesigning an old one. A decorator has vast experience and can provide various ideas to decide upon.

Besides, office interior design consultants can beat set deadlines if you need the office within a short timeline. Therefore, you can check out the services offered by Office Code Limited when planning an office upgrade in Nairobi. There are some elements you need to consider while interior designing your office.

Important elements on how to interior design office

  1. Office lighting
  2. Office floor design
  3. Ergonomic furniture
  4. Office shelving
  5. Nature incorporation
  6. Wall color and art

Office lighting

Lighting design is a crucial element that determines the ergonomics of an office. Ensure your designer installs the proper office lighting system to bring the required ambiance. Similarly, you can select the lighting depending on the overall office interior design to avoid eye strain and light flooding in your office.

The Office Code Limited plays a vital role in determining the perfect lighting options for your offices. They also recommend economic lighting resources that favor your financial costs. The firm creates a comfort zone for your employees to enjoy while producing the required results.

Office floor design

Your office space determines the general interior design. A vast office’s design will defer from the one with limited space. Ensure the office floor adequately accommodates the intended design. Consider the type of carpet to install. You can opt for single-color carpets with calm shades to give a steady look. Similarly, opt for tiles if you can afford them and choose the color or texture that matches your office interior.

Office Code Limited comes in handy when selecting suitable flooring options for your office. They ensure that your office’s floor design or carpets are easy to clean and match with the entire interior design.

Ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic office furniture is essential for the comfort of your employees. Install the right equipment in workstations and use primary tools to enhance them. Separate working areas from seating spaces to avoid worker laziness.

Office Code Limited helps you make furniture decisions that suit your employees. They customize the height of your chairs and desks. This furniture selection professionalizes your office appearance while improving the ergonomics.

Office shelving

A proper shelving system is essential in every office. Enough and spacious shelves reduce the office clutter while attractively hosting any decorative pieces. Well-colored shelves that rhyme with the general office appearance enhance the office décor by creating enough storage areas for office documents and equipment.

Office Code Limited helps you decide on the correct type of shelves to use in your office interior design. They consider the type of equipment your office uses to come up with proper shelving options. For instance, photocopy machines and printers will require spacious and more robust shelving than files and documents, which you can place on higher shelves.

Nature incorporation

Plants complete the office décor by providing air refreshment. Similarly, they enhance the soft appearance of your office by adding a natural aspect. Position them aptly in spacious and well-lit areas where they can grow freely.

Office Code Limited helps you decide on the choice of plants and natural aspects you use in your office. They recommend hardy plants that can grow properly in the interior lighting. In addition, they provide you with plant growth control and maintenance measures to ensure they last long.

Wall color and art

Wall color is an essential element that enhances the interior design of your office. Various colors can create good working conditions for your employees. Similarly, matching art pieces and photographs create an attractive impression in receptions and adjacent walls.

Office Code Limited ensures that your choice of wall colors is on point to enhance the warmth and ambiance in the office. Similarly, they give you a variety of artwork and placement options that make your office attractive.

In conclusion, productive workers are the joy of every employer. Consult with Office Code Limited to get the best interior designing solutions for your offices. They will help create conducive designs that can enhance your employees’ moods and working conditions. Similarly, you can pursue an interior design career at Kenya College of Interior Design to improve your design and creative skills.


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