Post: How to Market Interior Design Business

How to Market Interior Design Business

Owning a successful interior design business is one of the best achievements an interior designer can ever have. However, success does not come easily without the proper marketing strategies and skills. These strategies help you create awareness to relevant people about the existence or operational status of your business.

ways on how to market your interior design business

Here are a few tips on the successful marketing of your interior design business. They include;

  1. Website
  2. Visual display
  3. Social media presence
  4. Design community
  5. Email marketing
  6. Create Search Engine Optimization Techniques (SEO)
  7. Reviews
  8. Analyze results and keep track of your competitors


A website is currently one of the best marketing strategies for businesses around the world.  An interior design business needs a website to be authentic and drive traffic towards your business. Potential clients can easily reach you through the shared contacts on the website. Many platforms have free or premium websites for diverse industries. 

Choose a unique website with a catchy title and attractive themes that you can customize to give your target audience a clue about what to expect from your interior design business. Easy-to-navigate websites with simple fonts and subscription options are recommendable.

Visual display

A picture makes a better statement than any other description. An interior design business requires your visual appeal. Therefore, your website should spot diverse and high-quality images of your best designs and previous projects. Categorize the photographs with their respective design styles for easier identification from new clients.

In addition, dedicate a page on your website that showcases the latest projects and ideas. It’s crucial to be updating it regularly so that you can also please regular clients. Visit other interior design websites and online magazines to know how to better your picture displays.

Social media presence

One vital thing the internet has cast our way is the various social media platforms. They act as good sites to showcase your achievements as an interior designer. Open accounts related to your interior design business using these platforms to post regular updates regarding your designs, projects, and services.

Add your information to the respective description pages and profiles. In addition, you can use high definition videos and quality pictures to display your current projects, problems faced, how to solve them, and diverse design processes that highlight your general success. Similarly, you can collaborate with social media influencers to help you reach more of the target audience.

Design Community

Design communities act as crucial platforms for interior designers to gain public recognition and attract many clients to their businesses. They also help designers answer various questions and establish lasting connections with potential clients. 

For instance, the Interior Designers Association of Kenya helps you gain public recognition as an active practitioner in the interior design field. Using their website, you can connect your business profile and website for better outreach.

Email marketing 

Email marketing highly depends on your creative skills for effective delivery. Many people mark promotional emails as spam that ends up unread. Draft an attractive and quality email because it will better convince people to check out your business profile. Analyze your reach out through the emails to know which parts have more impact to emphasize them.

When creating these emails, remember to use enticing and catchy subjects that easily prompt the users to open them. In addition, you can add valuable information to the email using compelling content marketing strategies. A preview text in your email can also help capture the reader’s attention.

Create Search Engine Optimization Techniques (SEO)

SEO is one of the most successful marketing strategies for interior designers available on the internet.  You can effectively market your interior design business on Google and other social media platforms by using keywords and phrases commonly used by your target audience. 

These keywords will help you create visible content in blogs, interior design marketing materials, social media posts, and content marketing.  You might need professional assistance from experts on effective keywords to drive traffic to your designing business website.


Positive reviews on google and other social media platforms from happy clients can help your target audience reach out. The reviews assure potential customers that they will receive interior design services if they choose you instead of your competitors.

You can ask previous clients to provide feedback or business rating on these internet platforms. Create simple templates that will enable potential clients to review your business activities and services offered quickly. In addition, you can use subtle conversational cues for sales to engage and inform new clients about the advantages of hiring you.

Analyze results and keep track of your competitors

It is vital to analyze the various marketing strategies and campaigns in your interior design business. You can use available analytical tools or expert skills to differentiate the plans that work from those that don’t. Therefore, you can change or invest more in proper marketing strategies.

Similarly, observe what your competitors are doing for the successful marketing of their businesses. You can do this online or through social media followings to know what they don’t have that could work to your advantage. Crosscheck regularly to give you an upper hand over your competitor’s strategies.

In conclusion, marketing your interior design business can do wonders in driving sales and service delivery. As an interior designer, think out of the box to expand your business into a world-class sort of business. Similarly, you can undertake design courses at Kenya College of Interior Design to equip you with better and quality education on effective marketing strategies. 

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