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How to Plan Interior Design of a House

How to Plan Interior Design of a House

The interior design of your house should enhance the ergonomics and living conditions of the inhabitants. Therefore, it’s crucial to adequately plan for decorating or redecorating projects to achieve these aspects.

It’s vital to take a step at a time to avoid overloading yourself with everything involving interior design. Figure out where to start and then plan the overall home interiors with ease. There are a few steps with which you can plan your home’s interior design adequately.

Steps on how to plan the interior design of a house

  1. Figure out the requirements and available space
  2. Plan your budget
  3. Interior design development
  4. Plan for installations
  5. Furnishing and woodwork
  6. Installation

Figure out the requirements and available space

Understanding the space and requirements of each room in your house is the first crucial step. Figure out how many people live in the house and the purpose of the whole decoration project. Similarly, understand your thought process to know what inspires you to redecorate or design your home.

Remember, each living space comes with its requirements. Make a clear floor plan with a list of all the requirements you would like to adjust. You can consult with an interior designer to give a more visual plan so that your home interior design is effective.

Plan your budget

All projects have a scope and budget. Set up a budget for your home interior design project by estimation and proper consultation. If you find it difficult to set a reasonable budget, separate the budget for each room and other design elements that don’t have clear price quotations. 

The budget will depend on various factors. For instance, the size of each room and the furnishing to install can be vital determinants of the size of the budget. However, you can cut costs and reduce the budget by reusing available accessories that appeal to you.

Interior design development

The design development stage is the main step for the whole decoration process. It entails the creative thought process and interior house architecture to bring out the most important aspects of the decoration project. Space planning takes place at this stage because it is also an integral part of the general design.

Here, an interior designer gives you a virtual design of every room to help you understand the rooms, proportion usage. These virtual designs actualize once the whole process begins. The designer also provides ballpark estimates and prices that are subject to change depending on the type of product you choose.

Plan for installations

Choose the design that best suits your material preferences, from electrical and light connections to ceiling and flooring designs. These installations come before wall paints and coloring. They will enhance the lighting aspect of your interior design. Decide on your wall colors and ensure they blend well with the ceiling designs. The lighting system should also match the wall painting and texture on other home accessories.

For instance, research the flooring choice to determine the costs and its advantages before opting for one. In addition, your ceilings need to cover any plumbing and wiring materials to avoid compromising the entire interior design.

Furnishing and woodwork

Furniture choice and preference draw inspiration from your creativity and space availability. Consider your living spaces to know which type and material of furnishing you will choose. It applies to all rooms because each will need a specific furniture installation.

The choice of furnishing also applies to bathrooms and toilets. Opt for materials that are not slippery but attractive. The taps and bathtubs should also be ergonomic and efficient to use. Plan on all of them in advance.


The installation of all interior design elements takes place after the overall interior plan is ready. Your appliances are connected and ready to work and accommodate people. It’s finally time to check on the finishing of the entire design. See to it that the woodwork and furniture paint has a smooth polish. Check also on the strength of door and cabinet handles in each room.

In conclusion, house interior design may be overwhelming, but it is easily accomplishable with the proper plan and procedure. That’s why  Kenya College of Interior Design takes pride in training young and aspiring designers on the various design processes and procedures. Similarly, you can enroll in their diverse course to enhance your creativity and design skills.

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