Post:  Institutions that produce the best interior design experts in Kenya

Kenya is a fast-developing country that has many people with varying tastes in interior design. The nation also has various decorative design experts that aim to satisfy the requirements and needs of the diverse clients in the country.

Kenyan interior design experts are a result of quality training and creativity combined. These experts produce prolific interior design projects that are functional, eco-friendly, and sustainable. They learned this in various higher learning institutions in Kenya. These institutions aim at producing design experts that are creative and reliable to fit in the vast design industry.

institutions that produce the best interior design experts in Kenya

Kenyan higher learning institutions are some of the best in the East African region. The institutions dedicate their energy to delivering resources that ensure interior designers get the best training in the design industry. Therefore, to become an interior design expert, you need to take a step forward to join the following schools.

Kenya College of Interior Design (KENCID)

Kencid college focuses on developing intermediate-level designers into reliable experts that can tackle projects of diverse scopes efficiently.

The school has a modernized approach to interior design-related issues allowing learners to achieve their maximum creativity potentials. The college accomplishes this by giving its students access to unlimited reading materials for research and review purposes.

In addition, the interior design college ensures that its learners go through rigorous and engaging attachments and internships around Kenya. These internships equip learners with experience in the interior design industry to perform all tasks they approach. After pursuing their design careers, they can start practicing as certified experts in and around Kenya.

Kenya College of Interior Design provides a good base for experts to kick off their careers. They can then join renowned interior design organizations and other legislative bodies that guarantee their growth as experts, protection of interests related to their professions, and legal representation when client-designer conflicts occur. The organizations can also provide appropriate platforms like seminars, meetings, and design exhibitions for interior designers to showcase their creativity and portfolios.

Nairobi Institute of Technology (NIT)

Junior interior and decorative designers flock to this institution to sharpen their skills to the core. The school uses design experts to deliver a highly competitive course to learners. They then become creative experts according to their academic performance.

Their intake is lenient enough to accommodate various types of students regardless of their backgrounds. The designers can then become experts in the interior design sector through years of quality practice and creativity.

The Technical University of Kenya

The Technical University of Kenya is a Nairobi-based higher learning institution that provides certificate, diploma, and degree courses in interior design to students who later become dominant expert designers after graduation. The school achieves this by hiring top-notch experts in interior design like G.W Karani. The designer then passes expansive knowledge to the government and self-sponsored learners through various modes of delivery.

Due to their popularity in producing interior design experts, the school’s graduates are regarded as some of the best and reliable interior designers in the country by diverse clients. The collaboration between G.W Karani and other interior design lecturers at this university has proven quite effective over the past few years because their graduates participate in various government and private projects.

University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi is another prolific institution. It has many annual intakes and inquiries because of its prowess to produce interior design experts countrywide. They have well-equipped facilities that interior designers can use to sharpen their skills and creativity. After graduation, they become experts in the sector by participating in various interior design projects and practices that add to their skills acquired at the institution.

Maseno University

Interior designers in this institution get additional exposure to information technology that proves to be beneficial in various ways. Many junior interior designers who wish to become renowned experts in the industry prefer the premier university as the first choice. Their academic performance is because of interior design experts hired to pass on the best information to intermediate interior designers. 

Their expert graduates also have a higher recruitment rate because they are well-prepared and exposed to some preliminary courses and design areas unavailable in other schools.


Are you a junior interior designer looking for the best institution to turn you into a prolific expert? Then consider joining Kenya College of Interior Design. Here, you can interact with fellow junior interior designers, experts in the interior design industry, and other design stakeholders that will play a crucial role in reshaping your career. Furthermore, you can’t achieve a good design profession alone unless with the help of various experts.

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