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Interior Design Courses

Interior Design Courses

Interior design courses are one the most marketable courses to learn in Kenya today. The field features lucrative pay with readily available jobs because of its broadness. Therefore, it is an ideal course that will guarantee quality returns within a short period. We also recommend specializing in this field because it provides perfect learning and growing tools for businesses and individuals. Similarly, many certified institutions in the country, like Kenya College of Interior Design, offer courses at reasonable costs to enable you to fulfill your dream career.

Best Interior design courses in Kenya

Kenya is one of the best countries with ideal interior design certification. Other countries include the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Cyprus. 

However, Kenyans are finding it hard and challenging to secure a job now because of the high employment rates in the country. Similarly, Kenyans are creative in various ways, making it ideal to pursue multiple technical courses like interior design and decorations.

Consequently, Kenya College of Interior Design offers you opportunities to pursue an ideal certificate and diploma qualification in interior design and decoration. Therefore, you stand a high chance of easily being absorbed into the job market. The school understands that people will always need interior design services to make their living and commercial spaces functional and outstanding. These services include space planning, conceptual development, site inspection, and decoration.

Interior Design Course Requirements

The Interior Design courses prepare and equip you with the essential knowledge and skills in the commercial, industrial, economic, and technological fields. Therefore, it is a course worth checking out if you are interested in furthering your design skills. However, you must meet the minimum requirements to access this course at the Kenya College of Interior Design.

Therefore, you should be able to attain the following academic requirements to be eligible for this ideal course. They include a minimum of a D+ and below in KCSE. Similarly, you should be able to submit at least one copy of your ID, passport photos, and birth certificate. In addition, you should have a copy of an academic slip and a high motivation to enter the field. The course may take between 2 and 12 months, depending on your chosen learning module.

Interior Design Course Coverage

The Kenya College of Interior Design courses covers some key areas, including Interior Design Theory and History, Fundamentals of Design, Interior Lighting, Planning and Layout, and Color and Materials for an Interior Environment. In addition, you also get the opportunity to learn about Furniture, fixtures and Equipment, Fabrics and Textiles, Visual Communication and Design Presentation, Business Start-up and Design Portfolio, and a touch of creativity.

The school allows you to delve into the fundamentals of interior design, making your way through the interactive and compelling course material in the form of text, videos, and exercises. Similarly, it provides informative tasks and assignments that will help you develop Interior Design skills and knowledge as part of the overall assessment. It is upon you to complete all these tasks and submit the completed studies through the various available platforms the school provides.

The Kenya College of Interior Design aims to ensure that you reap as much knowledge as possible when you learn with them. Therefore, they provide the ideal facilities, resources, and equipment to ease your learning process. Similarly, the school allows you to collaborate with other design professionals to produce coordinated, harmonious interior spaces. It offers the best and spacious design studios where experienced teachers lecture and supervise all pieces of training conducted. You can also attend workshops and site visits to practice your learning in the classroom setup. In addition, you must go through the industrial attachment in relevant fields to complete the course.

Interior Design Course Contents

Upon confirmation of participation, the Kenya College of Interior Design provides you with a welcome package containing general information on how to navigate the course. In addition, they also give you fully comprehensive interior design learning modules prepared by internationally qualified interior designers and scholars, various academic assignments with every module, and personal mentorship from highly skilled interior design tutors. You also get professional insight on the student’s development and a complete collection of design projects to serve as your initial portfolio.

Upon completing the various training modules, you will receive an international diploma recognized by world-leading academic and interior design associations. A passing grade for each module assignment provides proof of training and unit completion. There are also diverse tutorials available upon request from the students that you can access via telephone, email, or the messaging portal on the institute website.

Interior Design Weekly Courses

The Kenya College of Interior Design offers weekly online courses on Interior design that are ideal for busy students. These courses allow you to keep your daytime job while broadening your experience in the interior décor field. You also gain an opportunity to submit assignments through various online platforms. Therefore, this reduces the need for physical meetings with your tutors and overall expenses. You can visit the institutions’ website for an online interior design course outline and know what the school requires of you before making your final decisions.

These weekly online courses also allow you to complete the assigned tasks and upload them to your tutor for feedback before final submission for grading. The online tutors also provide feedback for each assignment, including specific information on how the student can improve their performance in the future. The school grades these assignments according to pre-determined assessment criteria approved and recognized by various academic advisors and educational partners. After completing the modules, you can obtain a recognized certification that guarantees multiple employment opportunities in the Kenyan interior design industry.

Interior Design work experience

Over 40% of all interior design graduates find themselves in employment fifteen months after graduation as professional interior designers. Similarly, they can access other top jobs, including CAD, drawing, architectural technicians, graphic and multimedia designers, architects, marketing associate professionals, design occupations, and business sales executives. Other fields that a designer may excel in include Interior and spatial design, Exhibition designer, Production designer, Visual merchandiser, Architectural technologist, Estates manager, Furniture designer, Graphic designer, Product designer, and Textile Designer.

The Kenya College of Interior Design understands that gaining relevant work experience shows employers that you can use your skills and knowledge in a professional environment. In addition, it demonstrates that you are proactive and committed to achieving the set goals. Therefore, the school provides various platforms and forums to put your acquired skills into practice.

For instance, it has an affiliate company named KENCID Interior Design Limited that offers various attachment programs to diverse learners. The company aims to maximize your skills before joining the professional industry. In addition, the school uses its vast connection with the media and practicing initiatives to provide a detailed and more informative interaction between the learners and industry professionals.

Interior design Course Opportunities

Various entry-level jobs within the same types of company will give you an insight into the context and the industry in general. For instance, participating in live briefs, entering competitions, and attending exhibitions can provide valuable learning experiences. Similarly, Kenya College of Interior Design helps you search for placements and learn more about work experience and internships.

Those interior designs specializing in theatre, TV, or film companies also get a specialized course approach that gives them the best experience before joining the job market. Consequently, the school has an affiliate television channel called KENCID Media Networks that is ideal for such learners. You can access various live webinars, interviews, and interior design conferences that will allow you to develop transferable skills valued by multiple employers. For instance, through various podcasts and programs, you can get research skills, creative thinking, presentation and communication skills, organizational skills, team working, and IT proficiency.

Interior Design Course Outline and Application Forms

The Kenya College of Interior Design aims at easing your transition into school life. Therefore, the school provides a detailed course outline that may entail furniture design, interior architecture, soft furnishing, landscaping design, exhibition, Technical drawing, supervisory management, and display, among many others. All these will depend on the course module you choose to specialize in.

Similarly, accessing the application forms is relatively easy in this institution. The Interior design course application forms are also available online. Therefore, you can download, fill, and submit them before the deadline expires. Alternatively, you can collect the learning institution forms and fill them manually. Various assistant personnel will ensure you get a detailed explanation of how you can fill out the application forms.

Interior Design Course Progress Tracking

Kenya College of Interior design allows you to keep track of your development as you work through your courses, including the online ones. This tracking gives you a quicker and easier insight into the learning maturity as you progress through the various interior design program. The tracking also allows the school to provide a graphic report of your course results upon completion. Therefore, the school can award you accordingly and easily indicate your strengths and skills so you can further improve your various abilities even after finishing the program.

Is Interior Design Course marketable in Kenya?

The interior design course is a very marketable program when you have a creative eye and a strong drive to succeed. In addition, the approach allows you to delve into other fields after graduating. Consequently, there are pretty many career paths that you can pursue once you graduate. For instance, you can specialize in general interior design working in public and private entities or as an interior designer specializing in Kenya’s building industry. Similarly, you can opt to be a freelance interior designer, consultant interior designer, or even an entrepreneur who creates other sources of employment by launching and expanding an interior design enterprise or business.

In addition, Kenya College of Interior Design tries to absorb you into the job market by giving you internal and external attachment opportunities. However, it’s recommendable not to do the course blindly. Therefore, take your time to research the course’s competition, your career objectives, and prospects to know if they match the path you opt for. This way, you will understand how you need to package yourself the right way and know where to look for jobs to find them successfully.

Interior design Further study

Having a relevant course such as a diploma in interior design will go a long way in helping you win projects, especially if you want to go into self-employment or secure a job in an ideal interior design firm. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design ensures you are well equipped to pursue a degree in the same field. Similarly, the various certificate modules also allow you to bridge into a diploma in an easier transition.

Similarly, Kenya College of Interior Design allows you to pursue other courses after completing a Diploma in Interior Design. Below are some of the courses you can opt for after completing the Diploma in Interior Designing course. They include a Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design, a Professional Program in Interior Design, an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design, a Computer Aided Interior Design, a Bachelor’s Degree Examination for Self-Education in Interior Design, a B.Sc in Interior Design, a Master Diploma in Interior Design, and Master in Interior Design.

Wrap up

Interior design courses allow you to explore your creativity by creating eye-catching interior designs through the perfect use of texture, color, scale, proportion, furnishings, lighting, and fixtures when decorating a space. Kenya College of Interior Design introduces you to the various interior design courses in Kenya that you can enroll in to hone your skillset. The internal design field is one of the fastest growing courses with a lucrative market. Similarly, the school will enhance your creativity naturally to have an eye for aesthetics and attention to detail.

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