Interior Design Salary in Kenya


Interior Design Salary in Kenya

Kenyan interior designers are some of the best-paid individuals. They work with diverse clients to creatively modify living spaces. The designers convert them into sustainable and reliable residential areas.

In Kenya, the average interior designers earn between Ksh80000 and Ksh300,000 monthly. The salary is inclusive of all allowances and deductions.

levels of interior design salary in Kenya

Various levels determine how interior designers are paid. They include;

Executive interior designers

Executive interior designers are the top people in a design firm. They include CEOs, partners, owners, and co-owners. As an executive interior designer, it is your responsibility to lay forward the design vision of your company. You are also responsible for overseeing projects from start to end. A bachelor’s degree in interior design is required for you to become an executive of an interior design firm. An advanced degree can be an added advantage.

Executive designers are the highest-paid because of their numerous responsibilities. Their salary may vary from one firm to another according to variation in the professional experience.

Director interior designers

Director interior designers are responsible for directing design duties. They make crucial and critical decisions during field processes. Therefore, directors require advanced understanding in actualizing designs and construction processes. They work closely with executives to help maintain the vision within a designing organization.

Directors enjoy additional bonuses, including profit sharing or commissions, making them the second-highest-paid interior designers. They include creative directors, senior associates, managing directors, and junior partners. A bachelor’s degree in interior design is vital for one to become a design director.

Senior Interior Designers

Senior designers manage the technical aspects of a project. They collaborate with project managers and design teams to actualize design presentations, create project concepts, develop and execute them. You can be a senior interior designer with a bachelor’s degree in design or architecture. You also need to be proficient in graphic presentations and interior design software.


Designers are responsible for project execution and progress monitoring. They also work with design teams and clients to meet deadlines within given budgets. A bachelor’s degree in interior design or additional education can help you become a designer. Experience in related roles is also vital, with knowledge in designing software and exceptional skills to become a project designer.

Junior designer

Comprise of interns, interior design assistants, junior architects, and intern architects. Junior designers participate in budget documentation, order placement for various space elements, and client purchases. They also ensure the project is perfect by maintaining best practices.  A degree in interior design and architecture can earn you a place as a junior designer. Experience in a related area can also be an added advantage in various design firms.

Interior decorator

Interior decorators modify completed living spaces. They help in selecting interior products to meet clients’ design requirements. They need proficient communication and organizational skills. It will help in understanding clients. An interior decorator does not need a bachelor’s degree, but it is often preferred in various organizations.

Technical designers

Technical designers specialize in creating detailed and quality design drawings. They help in design specifications and must exhibit exceptional creativity and communication skills. They also assist engineers and executives during research and design sketching processes. Vocational training and designing software expertise are vital for technical designers.

In conclusion, the interior design industry is lucrative and full of opportunities. If you aspire to become a successful interior designer in the future, Kenya College of Interior Design is the right place for you. The school will help you discover and improve your creativity and improve. Their internships are the best opportunities for gaining the industry experience required in most interior designing job opportunities.


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