School Of Business And Information Technology

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General Manager/Executive
Operations Manager
Human Resources Manager
Marketing Manager
Sales Manager
Financial Manager
Management Consultant
Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner
Supply Chain Manager
Project Manager
Business Development Manager
Retail Manager
International Business Manager
Nonprofit Manager
Public Relations Manager

Sales and Marketing are essential functions within any organization, playing a crucial role in driving revenue, building brand awareness, and fostering customer relationships. In today’s competitive business landscape, companies rely on effective sales and marketing strategies to stand out in the market and achieve their growth objectives.

Sales Representative
Marketing Coordinator
Digital Marketing Specialist
Brand Manager
Advertising Account Executive
Market Research Analyst
Public Relations Specialist
Sales Manager
Content Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Manager
Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
Market Development Manager
Sales Operations Analyst
Trade Show Coordinator
E-commerce Specialist


Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in management, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, or technology, our diverse curriculum and experienced faculty are here to help you succeed.

Entry Requirements:

  • Diploma programs: KCSE C-
    Duration: 6 Semesters
  • Certificate programs: KCSE D
    Duration: 3 Semesters
    Foundation programs: KCSE D-
    Duration: 2 Semesters

In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective project management is essential for ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and according to scope.

Project managers are responsible for leading teams, coordinating resources, managing budgets, and mitigating risks throughout the project lifecycle.

Project Manager
Construction Project Manager
IT Project Manager
Engineering Project Manager
Healthcare Project Manager
Agile Project Manager
Marketing Project Manager
Event Project Manager
Nonprofit Project Manager
Government Project Manager
Consulting Project Manager
Financial Project Manager
Research and Development Project Manager

In today’s global marketplace, effective procurement and supply chain management are critical components of success for businesses and organizations across various industries. Procurement professionals are responsible for sourcing goods and services, negotiating contracts, managing vendor relationships, and ensuring timely delivery of materials to support business operations.

Procurement Officer
Supply Chain Manager
Purchasing Manager
Logistics Coordinator
Contract Manager
Inventory Analyst
Supplier Quality Engineer
Materials Planner
Sourcing Specialist
Operations Manager
Distribution Manager
Procurement Consultant
Vendor Manager
Strategic Sourcing Manager
Warehouse Manager

Business Information Technology (BIT) is a dynamic field that combines the principles of business management with the power of information technology to drive innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage in organizations. In today’s digital age, businesses rely on technology to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and create value for customers and stakeholders.

IT Consultant
Business Analyst
Systems Analyst
Project Manager (IT Projects)
Data Analyst
Database Administrator
Network Administrator
Information Security Analyst
IT Auditor
ERP Consultant
E-commerce Specialist
Digital Marketing Manager
IT Manager
Cloud Solutions Architect
Business Intelligence Analyst
IT Trainer/Educator
IT Risk Manager
Systems Developer/Programmer
Quality Assurance Analyst (IT)
Technology Sales Rep