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Schools Offering Interior Design in Kenya

Interior design is one of the most marketable and fast-growing courses in Kenya. The expansive growth in the real estate sector has given the interior design field a significant boost to become a high-paying industry. Studying the course improves your critical and creative thinking in various fields. The study is practical in all areas. It means you should choose a learning institution that is well-equipped for the course.

The choice of school is a vital determinant of the quality of the course. Therefore, an interior design learner should carefully assess the capability of the various schools, the programs they offer, career developments, and potential job prospects.

Top schools for Interior design in Kenya

  1. Kenya College of Interior Design (KENCID)
  2. The Technical University of Kenya (TUK)
  3. University of Nairobi (UON)
  4. Machakos University
  5. Maseno University
  6. Kenyatta University
  7. Egerton University

Several top institutions offer courses in interior design on a certificate, diploma, and degree basis. They include;

Kenya College of Interior Design (KENCID)

Kenya College of Interior Design  ( best interior design college in kenya ) is a higher learning institution in Nairobi that provides quality education on design-related courses. The college boasts specific training to learners equipping them with hands-on experience and support necessary for boosting creativity to advanced levels.

They keep learners up to date on current trends, industrial changes, and design challenges that help the learners amass various innovative skills and knowledge. Their interior design courses experience proper monitoring by industrial experts who double up as trainers to unleash student’s full potentials. Therefore, interior design graduates from KENCID adapt well in the design industry, gaining trust from employers for their unique technical skills and creativity.

The school has interior design courses of various levels, including diplomas, certificates, and short-term courses. The programs come at an affordable fee structure, ensuring students overcome financial challenges in higher learning institutions.

The Technical University of Kenya (TUK)

The Technical University of Kenya is one of the few universities that offer interior design courses in diploma and degree levels. The institution offers the course in degree studies that take up to four years to complete. A bachelor of arts degree in the university will take you through a process that will grow your thinking and research process significantly. They have their main campus in Nairobi.

University of Nairobi (UON)

The University of Nairobi is a well-recognized higher learning institution featured among the best universities in the African continent. It offers interior design programs, among other degree courses. It has qualified personnel and properly equipped facilities that ensure knowledge is delivered to the learner effectively.

Machakos University

The Machakos is a constituent of Kenyatta University that enrolls various students from all parts of the country to study diverse courses. The university offers top-level diploma courses in interior design and decoration through an advanced learning system. The institution accepts both self-sponsored and government-sponsored students to equip them with crucial knowledge in the interior design sector.

Maseno University

Maseno University is a higher learning institution in western Kenya that offers degree studies in interior design over four years. The course is taken full-time under the bachelor of arts with information technology as the main constituent. Interior designers in this university get outstanding exposure to Information Technology studies to earn the university a prominent recognition among top schools in the country.

Kirinyaga University

Kirinyaga University is an upcoming higher learning institution that has established itself in delivering quality education to learners. It offers interior design and decoration courses to eligible candidates. The Karatina Town Campus has the necessary facilities to provide certificate studies to students from various backgrounds.

Egerton University

The Eldoret-based university is a pioneering institution with top-notch facilities like modernized libraries and several computer labs for design learning purposes. Through its Nakuru Town Campus, the university offers certificate-level courses on interior design and decoration studies. The campus is built securely and is easily accessible for students around the area.

Catholic University of Eastern Africa

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa is a reputable training facility that offers diploma studies in interior design and decoration. There is stiff competition for the application process in this institution because it intakes learners with a mean grade of C and above.

In conclusion, an interior design aspirant in Kenya has various institutions that offer the course on varying budgets. One such institution is Kenya College of Interior Design that emphasizes the need for innovative design processes to achieve spectacular interior designs. In addition, the school exposes its students to real-life projects, industrial competitions, and rigorous internships to ensure they are ready for the interior design industry.  These processes make the school ideal for pursuing your interior design career because it aims at getting the best out of you.

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