Post: Modern House Interior Designs in Kenya

Modern House Interior Designs in Kenya

2021 saw more people embrace interior design than witnessed before. Expert interior designers collaborate with Kenyan architects and engineers to create sustainable, functional, decorative, and safe modern house solutions.

The work of every interior designer presents its flavor despite their slight difference in elements usage and formulas they use in creating their respective designs. They draw inspiration from diverse sources to render spaces that are creative and uniquely attractive.

Most popular modern house interior designs in Kenya

  1. Minimalist house interior designs
  2. Industrial house interior designs
  3. Urban house interior design
  4. Classic house interior design
  5. Art décor interior design
  6. Coastal house interior design
  7. Asian house interior design

Minimalist house interior designs

Minimalist arts are more common in Kenya since people have embraced the need for sustainable living spaces. Minimalist interiors present the specific concepts in modernized houses in a simple manner. This design relies on the efficiency of essential designing elements by stripping things down to the most reliable basics.

Concealed storages and careful detailing emboss minimalist designs to keep things functioning at their bare minimum. Natural light enhances this design to keep it dynamic and catchy. In addition, repetition and line movement play a highlighting role in minimalist interior designs.

40 Gorgeously Minimalist Living Rooms That Find Substance in Simplicity

Industrial house interior designs

This design appeals to Kenyans with a sense of efficiency and modern functionality in the elements they contact. Industrial interiors transform the working parts of a house into their primary beauty. The design also embraces recycling, worn, and salvaged materials to create a masculine overtone in your home. 

Similarly, it uses available house accessories like beams, pipes, ducts, and columns to emphasize industrial machine functionality. The design is preferred when converting loft remodeling and warehouse decorations. Clients with an eye for modern industries might as well pick it to recast their homes into outstanding design pieces.

Urban house interior design

This design relies on the elements and styles that transform a house into an urban context living space. It also experiments using new materials and design features to create urban sensibilities in your house’s appearance. 

While using structural features and modern functionalities, the design combines various elements like clear open spaces, clear finishes, and floating lights to add a touch of elegance to the final product. The urban interior design comes with artistic indulgence and superfluous creative highlights, primarily for luxurious scopes.

Classic house interior design

Kenyans are lovers of tradition and culture deeply embedded in their roots and origins. This design style addresses these desires by borrowing traditional style concepts and converting them into creative and futuristic ideas. The comforts and cultural indulgences from the past centuries prove effective because they have undergone the test of time to establish themselves as long-lasting and reliable.

Elaborate furniture like animal-shaped tables and chairs, silhouettes, and classic patterns embody classic interior designs to create a sense of freedom and governance. It also features delicately carved wood and colorful patterns that show hierarchy and dominance mixed. The design is also known as traditional style because of its capability to revive primitive but reliable techniques.

Art décor interior design

Art, history, and culture lovers highly embrace this design style. It features bombastic compositions that are bold and balances them with fine selections of color patterns to create excitement and glamour. It explores order and symmetrical balance through geometrical designs combined with bold lines. Various sequences and layered designs come into play to create a mixture of enthusiasm and classy structure.

Proper lighting highlights the essential aspects of art décor interior designs. Layers of up and down illumination patterns create an elegant visualization of all wall decors while adding the lighting quality.

Coastal house interior design

We all know the feeling of traveling to the coast for your holidays. Imagine bringing that vacation excitement to your house through this unique interior design style. The coastal design style uses organic inspiration to make your home a harbor of relaxation, freshness, and versatile excitements often felt at the beach. It brings in abundant natural light and combines it with aqua shades and elements to create an oceanic drift into your house.

Design enthusiasts also go the extra mile by bringing sea elements like seashells, ropes, and ship wall portraits that add a voyage feeling into your house. Similarly, extensive use of blue color and coastal plantations enhance the elegant nature of this design.

Asian house interior design

Going international on your house design might seem luxurious and expensive, but it is an experience worth every penny. This interior design style brings in the core elements of traditional Japanese and Chinese philosophy of life. The design is all about symmetrical balance, harmony, and calmness witnessed in these diverse cultures.

In conclusion, Kenya is home to creative interior designers that can help you achieve tremendous results when modifying your modern house interior design. Similarly, you can become one of the prominent designers by enrolling in Kenya College of Interior Design to train and start design practicing. The school will equip you with the necessary skills in the field that will surely help you.

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