Architecture Courses in Kenya


Architecture Courses in Kenya

Architectural careers in Kenya account for quite a big chunk of the country’s economy. Similarly, architecture is one of the most lucrative and highest-paying sectors you can venture into as a young learner. Therefore, there are many reasons to study Architecture in Kenya because it opens diverse opportunities for you. Choosing the right college or university to study this ideal course is an uphill task that requires guidance to avoid falling into the wrong institution.

That is why Kenya College of Interior Design offers you various reasons to pursue architecture in one of the best Kenyan Colleges in Nairobi. These reasons will motivate you and show how you can use an Architecture course and knowledge to improve your career prospects. These reasons include the following:


Studying Architecture will expose you to diverse human-made wonders from all around the world through travel, research, and innovativeness. During your first year at Kenya College of Interior Design, you will likely study structures in some of the biggest cities in Kenya and the world. You learn much about the subject by going outside, gaining inspiration, and observing built structures with diverse perspectives. Similarly, you will have opportunities to visit these cities, experience buildings firsthand, and interact with architectural professionals who contribute to creating excellent structures.

Kenya College of Interior Design helps you to explore the world through ideal educational trips and site visits that grow your skills exponentially. The school provides the best resources, including travel vehicles, ideal destinations, and expert advice to identify the best learning scenarios for you. Therefore, you will be fine with figuring out the ideal building to research and understand architectural concepts better.

Diversity of study

All architecture courses in Kenya combine practical craft and historical theory, making it blend perfectly with arts and science. Therefore, you will learn about the link between geopolitics and the design of historical buildings to help you draw inspiration. Similarly, you will understand better why context might change the way you create a building and how to calculate angles to the correct unit. In addition, you will venture deep into using equations and analytical skills to translate sketches.

This study diversity will leave you with a broad skill set when you graduate from Kenya College of Interior Design. The college delivers these essential topics with urgency and creativity to help you maximize your skillset as you venture into the architectural industry. Similarly, you can use these skills to persuade clients and create outstanding structures for them.


Studying Architecture courses in Kenya involves a lot of teamwork and cooperation to allow you to produce quality results that are in line with customer requirements. Therefore, you will always find yourself amid a group project, where you have to coordinate with others and achieve a collective goal. However, it would help if you remembered that teamwork is not easy, but it helps to develop transferable skills in empathy, understanding, and delegation. Similarly, teamwork helps you develop ideal communication and leadership skills in the competitive architectural industry.

Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design capitalizes on teamwork by giving you collective projects you can tackle with your classmates. These projects come in handy to help you identify and rectify your weak points regarding your architectural skills. Similarly, the projects help you create lasting bonds with your peers, who might be essential as you transition into the architectural industry.

Contact time

Your success in architecture courses in Kenya depends on one-to-one tuition and workshops from experienced tutors who will guide you through the lengthy syllabus. Similarly, these courses base their knowledge upon regular feedback and constructive criticism. These two traits encourage gradual improvement and help you identify your best skills as your career progresses.

Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design features the best teaching staff and tutors who spend time with you as you learn. These teachers are usually quite accessible to help solve imminent problems and other architectural concerns that might bother you. The lectures also come in handy by providing diverse learning and revision materials essential for building your architectural skills.


Various Architecture courses in Kenya will teach you how to plan buildings with maximum functionality and a strong base. Similarly, you can design structures that align with other pre-existing structures while providing effective services. In addition, architectural skills help you understand how to consider the environmental impact of your creations while thinking about how to implement those designs with reason and effective execution. These courses may offer placement years, where you can work with qualified architects and professionals to learn from them directly.

KENCID allows you to practice your architectural skills as soon as you start learning architecture in the college. This feature is essential to learning as this kind of vocational tuition is rare. Therefore, you will base your knowledge on experienced industrial professionals who might come in handy in various ways. Remember, these professionals know the tricks and tips for a successful architectural project. Similarly, they can offer essential guidelines for handling clients and their requirements.

Make a difference

Architects and their activities affect communities and the people who live in them in various ways. Remember, these professionals design leisure centres, hospitals, schools, and housing estates with outstanding features and functionalities. Many of the structures people need for their daily lives are works of architects who dedicate their skills to making life better and more sustainable. Similarly, they can also renovate old buildings and structures to serve a new purpose rather than the initial one.

Therefore, studying architecture courses in Kenya may help you work towards something genuinely meaningful. Kenya College of Interior Design provides you with the best knowledge to tackle various problems in diverse ways. This knowledge helps you solve diverse problems affecting your way of living in the community. Talk about positive change and its impact on society.

In Conclusion,

Studying architecture courses in Kenya is one of the most definitive decisions you can make as a young learner. Similarly, studying architecture at Kenya College of Interior Design.  Will equip you with essential skills and knowledge that will come in handy as you transition into the competitive industry. Therefore, you can choose the diverse architectural courses the school offers and enjoy the academic ride toward success.

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