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Diploma in Interior Design at KENCID College

Embarking on a journey towards becoming a Professional Interior Designer starts with pursuing a Diploma in Interior Design in Kenya. This comprehensive Interior Design Course at Kenya College of Interior Design equips students with the skills needed to master Design Processes and create functional, aesthetically pleasing Interior Environments.

The curriculum emphasizes the art of Building Interior Spaces, delving into areas like Industrial Design and Hospitality Designing. Students learn to excel as Retail Space Planners and excel in the domain of Residential Interior Design. Kenya College of Interior Design is renowned for its commitment to offering top-notch Interior Design Diploma Courses, preparing graduates for the dynamic Interior Design Industry.

Moreover, the program instills a sense of responsibility towards Sustainable Spaces, keeping abreast of the latest Design Trends. The course fosters a Creative Mentality and encourages Critical Thinking Skills, providing students with valuable Industrial Experience through Design Studios and Hands-on Experience.

As graduates emerge with their diplomas, they possess a deep understanding of Interior Design Specializations and are equipped to excel in designing spaces for businesses, hospitality, and retail. They master Retail Space Planning and understand the delicate balance between Function and Fashion.

In essence, the Diploma in Interior Design in Kenya from Kenya College of Interior Design is a catalyst for unlocking a world of Interior Design Employment Opportunities. It’s a testament to the college’s dedication to Interior Design Training that nurtures Creativity and Innovation in aspiring designers.

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Kencid College

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