How to Start an Interior Design Business in Kenya


How to Start an Interior Design Business in Kenya

Pursuing interior design as a business-oriented individual involves becoming a successful practitioner in the career. It’s because interior design is a lucrative service delivery industry that aims at satisfying clients’ demands and requirements.

To become a successful interior design business person, you need quality education to learn the fundamental basics of the career. That is where Kenya College of Interior Design comes in to makes sure that your higher learning experience is smooth and constructive. Upon enrolling at the institution, you gain access to various interior design pathways and knowledge that orients you for a successful career.

How to start an Interior design business after learning in Kenya College of Interior Design (KENCID)

At Kenya College of Interior Design, the priority is producing industry-ready graduates by equipping them with relevant knowledge on interior design. Therefore, you can start practicing design as soon as you enroll in their diverse interior design programs. Given this knowledge, you can start your interior design business instead of opting for corporate employment.

Some of the best interior design businesses to venture into include interior design firms, decorative design companies, environmental strategists and landscape planners, and interior design consultation agencies. With all these businesses in mind, how do you start a successful one?

Acquire the relevant training

Interior design businesses require the best training to start and operate. Quality education in the sector will ensure that you understand interior design business technicalities, challenges, and benefits of the practicing. Kenya College of Interior Design plays a crucial role in providing this knowledge on various educational levels. The training you acquire from KENCID increases the customer confidence of your business while elevating your business reputation.

Have a business plan and learn about your market

You need a precise business plan to own and run an interior design business effectively. After the plan, you also need to figure out the operation basics of your market. Kenya College of Interior Design prepares you for market readiness by providing engaging and rigorous internships that allow you to see the market from a customer perspective.

Figuring out your market will help you identify potential clients and the way you plan your marketing. The interior design business requires marketing so that you can capture the attention of your target audience. Kenya College of Interior Design also offers crucial marketing strategies to make your business noticeable to the public.

Brand your business

A business without a brand name and unique logo are unlikely to prosper. Your brand helps clients and customers to distinguish your business from your competitors. Therefore, KENCID dedicates itself to helping you know various ways of interior design business branding. In addition, avail your business in online platforms that can help you drive traffic to your business investment. You can also hire some professional bloggers and online influencers to make sure your business reaches all people. The bloggers will help the image of your business stick in people’s minds because of seeing your works of design more often.

Acquire business permits and licenses

Business permits are crucial requirements for starting a business. They can be expensive, but ensure you don’t collide with local authorities because your business runs legally. In addition, you can join organizations like the Interior Designers Association of Kenya that regulates interior design practices in the country. It will benefit your business by earning public recognition while you enjoy the membership priorities that come with the association.

You can also seek insurance cover for your business against potential risks like fire and theft. Insurance will help you gain financial comebacks after suffering from some losses. Failure to do this might take you out of business because competition and risk are always stiff in the business sector. 

Secure your business capital and uphold accounting regularities

Figure how you can generate enough capital with backup to avoid running out of options in case of a financial setback. You can use personal funds, loans, or seek financial assistance from family and friends willing to help out. In addition, record your business transactions and expenses wisely to understand how your business is financially performing. Quality accounting will help you in more manageable tax obligation payments and financial analysis.

Kenya College of Interior Design equips learners with these business management skills to ensure that you apply them to be a successful interior design practitioner once you start an interior design business. 

Consult with experts and other successful businesses

It can take a while to find people who are willing to advise you on business investment plans. However, it can help if you look for established businesses or other people with experience in the sector to guide you on how to run a successful business. Talk to various entrepreneurs and professional interior designers to understand business models and strategies that can help you run the interior design business smoothly.

Remember, no one is self-dependent, and you might need business advice midway into your interior design business. Therefore, don’t despise the fact that your business is vulnerable to various types of losses. Having expert advice can have you back in business because they might be more experienced in the design industry than you.

In conclusion, owning an interior design business gives you the freedom and flexibility lost when you opt for corporate employment. Kenya College of Interior Design provides the best qualities and qualifications to allow you to venture into interior designing businesses with zeal and creativity.


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