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Interior Design Hotel Kenya

Interior Design Hotel Kenya

Interior design enhances the aspects and performance of the various living and commercial spaces to allow the occupants to enjoy maximum productivity and ergonomics associated with the design.

Hotel interior designs add glamour to your business, keeping your guests interested because of the attractive details you put across. As a Kenya College of Interior Design graduate, hotel clients can be one of the many contractors who can approach you to enhance the interior of their businesses or help in the modification of various hotel rooms.

benefits of interior design in hotels Kenya

After graduating from Kenya College of Interior Design, you can help various hotels reach their design goals. You can also use the knowledge acquired to modify your hotel into one of the best in Kenya. There are multiple benefits you can achieve because of incorporating interior design in hotels. They include;

Financial benefits

A successful hotel interior design might be costly and overwhelming. However, if your plan is consistent and of a luring nature, you will experience a massive customer influx, helping you generate more income. The functionality of the interior design must fall into place to help attract more customers.

The way you present yourself determines how people will feel about you. Therefore, an outstanding hotel interior will have you serving frequent and loyal customers. When one customer is amused and satisfied by the interior design of your hotel, he might as well tag a friend or more next time he visits.

Operational efficiency

Functionality is a crucial element to consider when creating an effective interior design of a hotel. Therefore, take time in the planning phase to optimize everything from choosing materials to furniture fittings that are easily cleaned and accessible. It will help the overall operation of the hotel to be efficient.

Staff satisfaction

An interior designer will not be aiming to satisfy only the clients but also the staff that works in the hotel. Happy employees will ensure that you have delighted and frequent clients. You can achieve this, providing your design takes care of and improves their working conditions and hospitality operations.

You can enhance the creative interior design of the hotel by investing in efficient and friendlier equipment that will make your staff’s life easier. When you consider all these issues, you will achieve staff satisfaction, which helps them happily serve your clients.

Guest experience

A hotel’s interior design embraces many factors when planning for a modification. The ergonomics of your hotel guests’ is one such crucial consideration. A creative design might be attractive, but does your decoration address your guests’ comfort? When you create the best interior design, the guests will be comfortable, making them want to come more frequently.

For instance, good lighting in a hotel will have you serving guests every time of the day. Without the proper lighting, it will have an odd effect on your hotel clients’ directing them away from your business. 

To achieve the above benefits, you need to put various considerations in place, including;

Focus on your design

Use your utmost creativity to play around with the provided space and use the perfect design principles to achieve whatever your target audience will appreciate. Use the best aesthetic themes while balancing colors, furnishings, accessories, and artwork.

Combine form with function

The interior design style of the hotel should match its function. Keep living spaces like lobby areas spacious with durable flooring and fit the preferred signage for more straightforward navigation.

Derive inspiration from the hotels’ location

Make the guests of the hotels feel appreciated whether they are coming for business or pleasure by adding a touch of local artistry and culture. For instance, you can use décor pieces, color schemes, and building materials associated with the local communities around the hotel.

Blend the interior design with the surroundings

To achieve this, you can use large windows, open-air lobbies, and architectural touches that open up to the natural surroundings around the hotel. Use the coloring schemes of the décor to reflect the environment and physical features outside.

In conclusion, Kenya College of Interior Design is a much-anticipated institution that can help you sharpen your creative and interior designing skills. The institution will help you satisfy your lust for interior design by ensuring your skills match the requirements of various clients.

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