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Where can I Study Diploma in Architecture in Kenya?

Where can I Study Diploma in Architecture in Kenya?

  1. Kenya College of Interior Design (kencid)
  2. University of Nairobi
  3. JKUAT
  4. Kenyatta University
  5. Maseno

Kenya College of Interior Design is one of the best institutions where you can achieve academic excellence in architecture

Pursuing a diploma in architecture course in Kenya is one of the most challenging things. However, a career path in architecture is quite adventurous and mind-opening in various aspects of life. Therefore, you need an ideal institution where you pursue a perfect diploma in architecture course while exploring your creativity. Kenya College of Interior Design is one of the best institutions where you can achieve academic excellence in architecture. The institution features various amenities that contribute to your growth as a professional architect. Some of these amenities include:

why do you need to study architecture COURSE in KENCID?

An ideal curriculum

A disorganized learning system may not fulfill your career ambitions. Therefore, you need a structural organization and systematic approach to help you transition into the architectural industry. Remember, the industry is also one of the most lucrative industries that can help you build a stable financial background. 

Kenya College of Interior Design offers an ideal curriculum that fully contributes to the growth of your architectural career. The school takes you through a structured learning system. This approach helps you to integrate various knowledge levels as you progress in your studies. Therefore, as you venture into the vast industry, you will gain extensive and constructive information and skills.

Professional teaching staff

It would help if you were cautious about the teaching staff of a specific learning institution before enrolling in various courses. Do these teachers have time for you, or do they provide learning and revision materials? Do they give the appropriate feedback? These questions will come in handy to help you determine the best teaching staff in any college that you choose.

Kenya College of Interior Design features the best teaching staff that will contribute to the growth of your architectural career. The lectures consist of industry professionals with vast experience in providing knowledge to diverse learners. These lectures undergo constant training and evaluation to ensure they meet the required standards. 

Affordable fees and flexible fee policies

Kenya College of Interior Design offers a diploma in architecture courses at very affordable costs. These costs allow you to pursue the career of your choice with one of the best learning institutions in Kenya. The fee structure is equally distributed among all semesters for the entire period you pursue your architectural courses with KENCID.

The school also features an ideal and flexible fee policy. This fee policy is essential for the smooth operation of the school and the learners’ life. It allows you to focus on your studies without worrying about your financial status. Additionally, the school provides payment in instalments that help you plan better when pursuing any architectural course. Where can I Study Diploma in Architecture in Kenya?

Ideal amenities

The best higher learning institutions in Kenya feature excellent amenities that aid the effective delivery of information to learners. These amenities come in handy to improve the ergonomics and functionality of school facilities like libraries and computer labs. Similarly, they also help build a safe and healthy learning environment that encourages learners to continue pursuing their studies.

Kenya College of Interior Design features the best amenities and modern installations that create an ideal learning environment. For instance, the school features an extensive library and design lab with diverse learning materials and study spaces. These two facilities provide comprehensive help to learners who like studying in quiet places while accessing various revision materials.

Industrial attachments

A diploma in architecture in Kenya is only complete with an ideal and informative industrial attachment. Therefore, various higher learning institutions incorporate extensive industrial-based learning systems to ensure they produce top-notch graduates fit for the competitive industry. 

Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design uses extensive attachments with partner companies and other market leaders. These attachments are handy in providing adequate field experience because they are hands-on and practical. Similarly, they give you access to professional architects who pass down essential market skills and ideas for your future projects. Where can I Study Diploma in Architecture in Kenya?

Diverse packages

Many high school graduates may think pursuing specific courses is impossible after failing their exams. However, that’s not the case because you can start at the lowest qualification and study your way up to that bachelor’s degree. Many higher learning institutions will allow you to start at the intermediate levels with more straightforward qualification measures.

Kenya College of Interior Design offers diverse architecture programs that allow you to pursue your dream career even with the minimum qualification. These learning programs come in affordable packages that provide a diverse skill set to learners. The school gives each program equal focus and attention to ensure that graduates are ready for the next phase of their architectural careers.

Modern learning formats and environments

Technology changes affect various aspects of our lifestyle, including how we learn about new things. Therefore, there is a need for multiple learning environments to help in easier transition and absorption of further information for learners. Many higher learning institutions in Kenya approach this aspect with utmost creativity to ensure their graduates equip themselves with the most relevant information. 

Kenya College of Interior Design offers diverse and modern learning formats that come in handy when studying for a diploma in architecture in Kenya. The school combines these packages with ideal learning environments that create ample surrounding essential for learning. In addition, the school’s infrastructure is also a perfect reference for various learning programs.


Nothing hurts more than studying for a while only to discover that the institution is unqualified or ineligible for courses. Therefore, it is crucial to check the background and credibility of most higher learning institutions before enrolling in any of their learning programs. Check the authenticity and portfolios because some are just after your hard-earned money with no tangible educational return.

Kenya College of Interior Design is a certified and government-recognized higher learning institution that might be the right feat for your diploma in architecture in Kenya. The school has a vast and impressive portfolio of producing some of the best architects in Kenya. 

In Conclusion,

You can study diploma in architecture in  Kenya at the Kenya College of Interior Design. The school offers various packages for this program that are essential in launching your architectural career. Therefore, be sure to check out the school to fulfil and quench your informational thirst.

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