Post:  How to Estimate Interior Design Cost

 How to Estimate Interior Design Cost

An interior designer can help you create an attractive look by perfectly blending paint colors, home accessories, furniture, and house layout. This process complements the usage of living spaces and its capability to hold more people. 

All interior designers can suggest an explosive home décor like changing wall alignments, altering floor plans, installing new architectural features, or complete house modifications. These projects come with different pricing methods and rates.

Methods on how to estimate interior design cost

  1. Interior designer consultation charges
  2. Interior designer hourly charges
  3. Interior designer pricing per square foot
  4. Interior designer charges per room
  5. Percentage of budget fee
  6. Other costs 

Interior designer consultation charges

A consultation hour with an interior designer can cost you in the range of Ksh1000 to Ksh25000. It depends on the experience and standard of the designer. The hour will see you discuss your tastes, preferences, and design budget you intend to use. The designer then ideates different designs for each room after the consultation period.

The ideas range from one to three designs on each room to give you a variety of choices. You can proceed to hire contractors and buying furnishings. Alternatively, you can dedicate the whole project to the interior designer on a cost-plus basis.

Interior designer hourly charges

Various interior designers charge their services at hourly rates. A standard decorator pricing will range anywhere between Ksh10000 and Ksh20000, while junior designers can go for a minimum of Ksh5000 per hour. Similarly, experienced designers or design firm principal can price their services for up to Ksh45000.

Therefore, interior designers will charge more per hour if they have vast experience in the design field. Some will include travel charges, communication time allowances, and item purchase fees. It is crucial, therefore, to ask about line item charges before signing any contracts.

Interior designer pricing per square foot

Many interior designers will go for cost per square foot. Therefore, the size of your home will highly determine your total cost and budgeting. Various decorators will charge between Ksh500 and Ksh1700per square foot or more for luxurious homes. The average designing price will range from Ksh700 and Ksh1200 per square foot.

You might hire an interior designer to modify a house section or the entire house. Therefore, it is easier and cheaper to use the square footage than to price everything individually.

Interior designer charges per room

It depends entirely on the size of the room and the design scope that you would like the interior designer to achieve. The cost per room is always inclusive of design work and furnishings. This method of pricing is popular when only decorating a portion of your house or several rooms altogether.

Similarly, other factors might fall into place to affect the overall pricing of cost per room. These factors include quality of furnishings, room use, design complexity, and your business relations with the interior designer.

Percentage of budget fee

This method of interior design pricing works for estimation purposes. An interior designer will take a certain percentage from the clients’ budget and mark it as their fee. Sometimes the decorator cost estimate can slightly be over the budget. Therefore, the designer opts to charge you on an installment basis to avoid conflicting with the final budget.

In this case, many homeowners opt to select their contractors and source of building and furnishing materials to lower the project’s entire budget. This way, they also reduce the cost of the interior designer who charges a certain percentage of the budget. This method also leaves room for the designer to choose more elegant and expensive products and services if you assign them to the contractors to hire.

Other costs 

An interior designer will go the extra mile to achieve a home decoration of your liking. They incur various costs when trying to deliver these projects. Their overall pricing will depend on the expenses they estimate to incur.

These expenses include printing costs, travel fees, client communication costs, and sampling costs. The designer will try to compensate these expenses by accumulating them on their final price.

In conclusion, the interior design cost will depend on many factors that constantly change over time. The most crucial factors include designers’ creativity and field experience. That’s why the Kenya College of Interior Design produces high-quality decorators with enough field experience to cope with various scopes of projects. As a design aspirant, the school provides multiple skill enhancements that ensure you get constant clients with high-earning projects.

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