Post: How to Prepare for Interior Design Entrance Exam

How to Prepare for Interior Design Entrance Exam

Any entrance-level exam is crucial in helping you to orient yourself accordingly to the course syllabus. Exams tend to be stressful if you are not well-prepared. Therefore, adequate preparation will likely determine the outcome and overall performance of your results.

Interior design entrance exams prepare your mind on the impact of things that you are going to learn. Various tips will guide you on how to prepare for such tests. They will also help you reduce tension and anxiety when the final exam day arrives. An interior design entrance exam also determines if you can book a place for admission to specific institutions.

Tips on how to prepare for interior design exams

  1. Create a full-proof revision plan
  2. Avoid stress
  3. Engage in deep study
  4. Consult and seek guidance
  5. Learn time management skills

Create a full-proof revision plan

It is crucial to strengthen your revision plan to score well in the interior design entrance exam. It happens mostly with only a few days left to the entrance test. You always experience a limited time when the examination day is approaching. Therefore, you need to allocate tasks and goals to each day and strategize on how to achieve them. Arrange your study material and start from the most critical ones likely to come in the exam to the least important ones.

In addition, measure your revision coverage depending on topics you cover instead of your time on them. Similarly, solve a variety of sample papers and past interior design exams. Always take a break to relax your mind before going back to cover some more topics. Analyze the design sections you are confident about and emphasize the ones you feel least sure about to create a lasting memory.

Avoid stress

Exams come with their share of stress and unavoidable anxiety that we all experience. Avoid stressing yourself too much by keeping yourself busy throughout your preparation period. Anxiety will ruin your exam preparation and might end up negatively impacting your final performance on the exam day. 

Stay positive and calm about the exams. Furthermore, the exams won’t kill you but are only a test of time. Relax and approach the exam day with utmost confidence.

Engage in deep study

An entrance exam does not require learning things shallowly. In-depth knowledge and proper understanding of various topics are vital for your success. Therefore, take your time learning the fundamental concepts and basics to improve your chances of outstanding results.

Give crucial topics undivided attention to ensure that they stick to your mind even after completing your entrance exams. Be logical because this is not a competitive exam but an exam that benefits you in various ways.

Consult and seek guidance

You are not the first person to undertake interior design entrance exams. In addition, you might be having syllabus-related doubts or uncertainties on how various faculties conduct these exams. Therefore, a mentor will be of great advantage by clearing confusion and boosting your exam approach confidence.

Similarly, you can consult with senior learners who underwent the same examination procedures. They will be full of additional advice that can help you during and after your entrance exams. Seek clarity on the timelines, guidelines, and exam requirements in advance to avoid a last-minute rush on fulfilling them.

Learn time management skills

Every exam has its completion timelines, and failing to meet those deadlines means you will leave some unanswered questions leading to grades loss. Similarly, an interior design entrance examination has its patterns and requirements for you to meet. For instance, most will require exam materials handover after two and a half hours.

Therefore, completing various tasks and studies within the time limit is vital to avoid colliding with exam invigilators. Measure the periods you spend on each portion and distribute them proportionally. It will ensure that you remain with enough time to review your exam paper again and rest your mind.

Final thoughts

Interior design entrance exams are a crucial step when pursuing a career in the sector.  They will orient and prepare your mind for the content it will be receiving for the rest of your study period. Therefore, take your time, prepare adequately, and attempt all the questions on your paper before handing it over. That’s why Kenya College of Interior Design dedicates its professionals to providing quality interior design education to learners to perform in such types of exams when joining other higher learning institutions to further their studies. 

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