How to Interior Design Apartment


How to Interior Design Apartment

Modifying the interior design of an apartment requires special attention to specific elements that enhance any living space into a sustainable and ergonomic area. Many apartment modification ideas are available online. However, the perfect interior design that suits you depends on your needs and the space itself. 

Essential tips on how to interior design an apartment

  1. Mind the lighting
  2. Plan on the storage space
  3. Bordering
  4. Keeping furniture off the floor
  5. Use simple and plain furniture
  6. Artwork
  7. Mirror usage
  8. Coloring and patterns
  9. Mind the lighting

Lighting affects all aspects of modern apartment designs either positively or negatively. The type of lighting you choose will determine whether the wall’s paint color or décor accessories available in the living space are visible. Look for reliable lighting sources like wall lamps and sconces that easily plug into any wall switch.

Plan on the storage space

Decorations will lure your mind away from thinking about storage space. A successful interior design of an apartment should address large storage areas. Enough stowage will leave spacious room for more decoration ideas.

When encountering small storage and decoration space, you can choose to use your vertical space. You leave a spacious floor area that can also serve as décor in modern apartment interior designs by going vertical. 


Bordering determines how you divide a large living area into a multifunctional space. Similarly, small apartments may not have specific dining and living rooms. You can use your furniture to separate such space and create distinct areas.

Here, you can use various types of furniture like couches and bookcases to act as walls that divide living spaces into two or more areas. Collapsible tables and chairs or hidden and secret storage spaces can help you to utilize available space creatively.

Keeping furniture off the floor

This design idea involves creating distinct spaces between your furniture and the floor area. It makes the apartments appear more spacious while highlighting the floor décor, including rugs and floor mats. Bulky and low-level sofas make small apartments appear even smaller because they have more floor and vertical space.

For instance, chairs and tables with sleek but tall legs can be ideal for creating more floor space. In addition, you can use floor rugs that range from wall to wall for uniform floor space.

Use simple and plain furniture.

Clear and plain furniture makes your apartments appear more spacious. For instance, glass or acrylic furniture is ideal for replacing those bulky coffee tables that consume a lot of space.

Simple furniture also comes in handy when handling low-budget apartment interior designs. They might be simple, but their space consumption is low compared to complex furniture designs.


Any apartment interior design is not complete without a touch of creative artwork. If the apartment is a rental, mounting artwork can be a challenge because you don’t want to dig holes into the walls. Therefore, you can apply minimalist design ideas and mount them inside wall shelves and lean them against the walls.

Similarly, you can layer two artworks together to create a visual transition. Lean one art piece against another that already hung in specific areas. Remember, place your artwork strategically to avoid décor noise or overcrowding a wall. In addition, you can use temporary wallpapers that won’t damage your walls and the paint applied to them.

Mirror usage

Mirrors act as good focal points when you get into your apartment. You can use them in diverse shapes and sizes to create a mixed feeling in the decoration of your apartment.

In addition, place the mirrors strategically, like near a bedroom or living room window, to reflect more light and illuminate the whole room. High-placed and tall mirrors can also make the room feel larger, spacious and brighter.

Coloring and patterns 

Carefully choose the colors to use that don’t collide with house accessories and the interior design of the apartment. You can create uniformity and cohesion by going for similar shades and color themes that rhyme with patterns across the apartment. Cohesion makes your living area feel interconnected as one with other house features.

An apartment with the right color choice and correlative pattern schemes will end up feeling comfy and create a relaxation space around all areas.


The interior design of diverse apartments depends on client requirements and the designer you assign the interior decoration job. If you hire a qualified designer, the results are better. Similarly, you might want to carry out the modifications by yourself. Therefore, you can acquire the proper training in the field and start as a private practitioner.

If you aspire to become an expert in interior design, you can enroll at Kenya College of Interior Design to enhance your skills in the design area. Here, you can increase your creative capability by developing designing skills that you can access in no other institution.



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