Post: How to Start Interior Design Business without a Degree

How to Start Interior Design Business without a Degree

How to Start Interior Design Business without a Degree. Starting a successful interior design business is one of the best benefits of studying interior design. A business in this sector helps you become an independent designer. You can then work without worry of supervision or unconducive working conditions.

Steps for starting an interior design business with a diploma

  1. Pursue a certificate or diploma course
  2. Deciding on the type of interior design services to offer
  3. Define your personal and business ideas
  4. Know the budget of your services
  5. Market your business
  6. Record your business activities

Pursue a certificate in interior design

A certificate in interior design will equip you with fundamental skills in this sector. You can learn various designing principles and basic skillsets on how to have a successful design career. Venturing into the designing business will be one unique option. In essence, you can use the skills acquired to work for various clients. Your business can also be a design consultation agency providing people with interior design solutions. best school to study interior design in Kenya

Further your course into a diploma

A diploma in interior design will equip you with more advanced skills than a certificate. The in-depth learning will take a longer time to earn. The diploma course will take you through more technical programs for thorough understanding. This knowledge will help you specialize in a particular designing business. You can start a corporate interior design business after obtaining a diploma by following these steps;

Deciding on the type of interior design services to offer

You can assess the skills you acquired to know what kind of interior designing business to start. It will save you the frustration of taking on projects that you can’t complete. In addition, you need to be passionate about your skillsets. It can be overwhelming if you indulge in a business that you don’t like. You can garner experience over time to expand your business into a more technical one.

Define your personal and business ideas

Knowing what kind of business you are in and the client base is crucial. Creating a service that the client appreciates will help you grow as a businessperson.  Understand your competitors and what they offer. It will help you differentiate your products and services from theirs. If you have a unique business brand, perfection will come after a great deal of motivation and taking the right actions.

Know the budget of your services

A successful business comes with its bills and expenses. It’s crucial to figure out your monthly expenditures to know how your services can compensate in their place. Budget your services to fit in with the target audience. The clients should be ready to pay for your services without hesitation. If you overcharge them, they will look for other alternatives.

Market your business

A constant reminder of the existence of the business is crucial. Make sure your business is visible by constantly letting people that you are in operation. Create a marketing strategy that will put your business in the eyes of your client. Don’t assume that people know the business services you offer too. Identify the way your competitors market themselves and try to be unique in a customer-friendly way.

Try as much as possible not to come out as desperate and annoying when advertising your business services. Don’t give up on the marketing strategies even after your business is fully operational and popular.

Record your business activities

Documentation of each business activity is crucial. Record and analyze all your daily and monthly transactions. It will help you know your profit and loss levels. You can then adjust your costs to help curb losses or improve your financial gains.


Starting an interior design business without a degree might seem difficult, but it’s not impossible. You can undertake certificate or diploma courses at Kenya College of Interior Design and become a prominent design business owner. All you need is the perfect ambition and self-drive to start a successful interior design business.

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