Post:  Interior Design Jobs in Kenya 2022

 Interior Design Jobs in Kenya 2022

Interior design is one of the best-paying careers in Kenya. There has been an increased demand for creative interiors and environmental designs over the years all over the country. This demand prompts more people to pursue interior design as a lifetime career.

Therefore, interior design institutions have many new learners who wish to enroll in these courses. These Kenyan institutions provide high-quality education to various aspirants with the zeal and creativity to undertake challenging interior design projects. In addition, interior design learners have the added advantage of being posted in informative attachments that immensely help them in their careers.

Exhibition designers

Kenya has become a beehive of exhibition activities, including museums, international expos, and art galleries. They act as great platforms for Kenyan interior designers to showcase their acquired skills to transform the spaces into conducive and attractive conditions. Kenya College of Interior Design provides candidates with vital training in this sector by availing knowledge on 3D packages and Computer-Aided Design. It uniquely boosts the creativity of these designers.

Kitchen and Bathroom designers

Graduates from Kenya College of Interior Design can specialize as professional kitchen designers with the best creative ideas using attention to detail. These designers use their skills to transform kitchens into attractive and spacious cooking areas that are luxurious and comfortable.

Bathroom designing is also a lucrative area where KENCID graduates can practice their expertise. The school equips you with crucial skills ideal for high-end, retail, and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) transformation of domestic and commercial bathrooms. You can use this knowledge also to acquire projects involving the public, institutional, or office washrooms.

Furniture designers

Furniture designers have been on a rapid rise in demand due to the increasing population of people who desire elegant design furniture. Interior design graduates from KENCID have the chance to interact with these sectors as part of their industrial attachments. It makes them perfectly suited to produce quality representations of their creative imagination through rendering, creating, and inventing.

Furniture designers can produce furniture designs for offices, hotels, residential places, and high-end clients. They can also help stop natural resources from getting exhausted by creating alternative material solutions for making household and office furniture.

Lighting designers

Pursuing a course at Kenya College of Interior Design is an opportunity that allows you to master various lighting techniques and designs through enough research and observation. Graduates can work on decorative lighting products like shades and designer light fittings of various scopes. They can also participate in schematic lighting design projects more detailed in research, representation, and sketching.

Product designers

Computer-aided design training in Kenya College of Interior Design is advanced and provides graduates with basic skills to practice product design in various categories. They give the learner an overview of modeling and rendering techniques that are vital for product designs. It means that a graduate can work on craft-based disciplines like glass and ceramics to produce refined products with a touch of creativity.


Kenya College of Interior Design acts as a platform and bridge between learners and on-demand industry skill sets. A course in interior design at the college will add a better experience to your visual representations for various clients. Through the institution, you can understand the importance of clear, realistic, and independent visual representation. Therefore, your acquired knowledge will help you tackle visualization projects using a creative and well-thought-out approach.

Computer-Aided Design Technicians

Over the years, design has become a major economic driver in Kenya. In this sector, various fields require varying qualifications, many of which are found in interior design. Kenya College of Interior Design equips you with these qualifications to ensure that you remain versatile to accommodate any design problem thrown at you. The KENCID training personnel have proficient knowledge in these design programs to equip you with quality use skills.

Through their courses, you acquire Computer-Aided Design skills applicable in various job opportunities involving presentation and marketing material. You can participate in space planning, architectural design representation, and design consultant for various clients.

In conclusion, Kenya College of Interior Design is a certified institution with well-equipped facilities that unleash the full potential of its learners. Their qualified education personnel and industrial attachments help career-oriented designers to achieve new levels of creativity. The institution encourages innovation and creativity of the highest level. It ranks among the best institutions in Kenya that offer interior design.

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