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How Much Does it Cost to Study Interior Design in Kenya

How Much Does it Cost to Study Interior Design in Kenya?

Many institutions offer interior design courses on various budgets. Colleges and universities all around the country have interior design-related diplomas and degrees at their disposal with a fair amount of fees.

Taking a diploma course at Kenya College of Interior Design will cost you Ksh 30,000. These fees will cater to your tuition fees per semester for 3 years. Short studies that run for three months will cost a total of Ksh48000. The short programs will equip you with modules of three different levels necessary for junior interior designers in the country.

A degree in interior design will depend on your university entry methods. Self-sponsored students will pay a higher amount of tuition fees compared to those enrolled through government sponsorship. Other factors may also fall into place, such as accommodation fees to make interior design degrees vary in cost. However, you can join a degree program after graduating from Kenya College of Interior Design with a diploma in the same field.


A course in interior design at Kenya College of Interior Design allows you to explore your creative imagination at a higher level. It’s among the few creative industry colleges that give you the unique creative freedom to express your ideas. The ideas allow you to convert living spaces into extraordinary and attractive interiors. For people with natural creative skills, interior design will help them professionalize those skills to attract more potential projects.


Interior design is a highly versatile sector that allows you to indulge in design activities of your liking.  At Kenya College of Interior Design, you can opt for various internship projects that suit your ability accordingly. For instance, instead of choosing luxurious living space projects, you can take on more superficial home makeovers and decoration projects and work on them professionally.

In addition, a professional interior designer enjoys being their boss by choosing who you work for at your preferred time because of the dynamic nature of the career.

Ever-growing demand

Interior design is an expansive industry that is rapidly growing in demand around Kenya and around the world. It gives a sizable potential to interior designers with the best creativity and qualifications to expand their experience. Studying interior design at Kenya Institute of Interior Design acts as a source of various entrepreneurial activities that are long-term and always on demand.

Job satisfaction

One benefit of being an interior designer is that it allows you to enjoy seeing your clients happy with your transformation of their living spaces. When your creative vision comes into play, you permanently transform a project into something with magnificent features.

As an interior designer at Kenya College of Interior Design, you have the chance to change the world through diverse creative ideas positively. You can impact people’s lives and environments through your imagination by bringing out the best of their requirements.

Financial returns

The interior design industry is a high-potential earning platform with limitless capability. From employed to those independent interior designers, high stakes are up for grabs for various people in the design industry. However, those who work for themselves may enjoy the freedom of setting their tickets depending on experience and client reputation. Kenya College of Interior Design ensures that you have the right package to take on high-paying jobs.


One requirement of studying interior design is indulging in industry-based projects. Kenya College of Interior Design internships allows you to work with many people who have experience in diverse industries, giving you skills and knowledge in various design fields. These projects boost your exploration and discovery expertise and the way you approach challenges posed to you as an interior designer.

Every industry has its goals and requirements. When you experience this from a design perspective. it boosts your creative potential in transforming religious spaces, public spaces, office spaces, and the education sector.

In conclusion, studying an interior design course at Kenya Institute of Interior Design is a life-changing decision that will lead you to a delightful career path. The profession is challenging enough to keep you delighted by producing creative ideas. An interior design career will make you help people adapt to scarce spaces around Kenya and the world.



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