Interior Design Course Units


Interior Design Course Units

Interior design is a course that enhances your ability to develop living spaces into decorative and sustainable areas while adjusting them to your lifestyle. In Kenya, interior design is a lucrative course with many new learners who aspire to work in the creative sector.

Many Kenyans look for interior designers to transform their living spaces into elegant designs while maintaining the African nature theme. Kenya College of Interior Design ensures they equip their learners with a comprehensive interior design program to provide professional knowledge for becoming a successful interior designer.

The institution has a well-equipped facility that offers interior designers quality skills and knowledge for tackling different design problems they come across in the future. A diploma in interior design at Kenya College of Interior Design will take you through various course units before completion. They include;


As an interior designer, you will need a catchy eye to identify and differentiate between quality and substandard materials. In addition, you will acquire knowledge about environment-sensitive materials and the importance of choosing one over the other. This unit will guide you in material selection while highlighting various techniques for proper identification.

Entrepreneurship and business studies

As mentioned earlier, interior design is a lucrative career path. Therefore, interior designers will require financial management skills to manage the financial gain after completing various projects. In addition, you can start your interior design firms with high levels of income. The entrepreneurship unit will help you efficiently manage these funds or re-invest them to regenerate more profits.

In addition, as a business-oriented interior designer, you can shift your focus to monetizing your design products and ideas on diverse platforms. The above unit will help you make the right decisions regarding delicate situations that need critical thinking.

Research and project

This unit is one of the most fundamental units of a diploma in interior design. The unit relays the basic understanding of the importance of the research process in the designing sector. In addition, you learn the various stages that one goes through to produce a fully-equipped interior design project. The unit comes in handy in providing a basis and inspiration for your interior design ideas.

Communication skills

A designer needs excellent communication skills, without which you cannot relay an understandable message to your clients through your designs. An interior designer will need these skills to understand the client’s needs, put them into ideas, and execute them as final projects. Therefore,  Kenya College of Interior Design offers the fundamental knowledge on this unit to allow you to come up with message-carrying designs.

Technical drawing

A technical drawing is a plan that contains precise details of how an interior design project will look after completion. This unit will equip you to precisely represent your projects on paper without omitting any vital information.

In addition, technical drawings are a good backup plan for various projects regarding physical drawings. The unit will help you use these detailed sketches to keep your work original and relevant to the project in hand.

Customer care

An interior designer will come across diverse clients who are interested in their work. The customer care unit will guide you on the best way to harmoniously handle various people to meet their requirements and needs. Here, you can also learn about solving customer complaints to avoid client conflicts. The unit will highly determine if you can retain your royal clients by taking care of their issues regarding your interior design products.

Sales and marketing

Your interior design products will need a boost in sales to reach the maximum number of clients. Therefore, KENCID uses this unit to help you grow your sales and marketing tactics to increase client traffic on your design ideas and products.

Information Communication Technology

An interior designer uses ICT to better the delivery of his design products. This ICT unit equips you with basic skills to use ICT platforms to your benefit as an interior designer.

Project Co-Ordination and management

Interior designers can work on various or a single project at a go. Therefore, this unit helps you as an interior designer learn how to manage and coordinate projects of diverse scopes to achieve the desired quality.

Planning and design

The planning and design unit is a vital learning area. Under this course unit, you are introduced to various planning and designing methods for your interior design projects. It will improve how you deliver the final products because proper planning will help you beat set timelines.

Harmonizing the elements

Various design elements are vital during the designing process. These elements have to agree harmoniously. Kenya Institute of Interior Design will help you master harmonizing the various design elements while still expressing your creativity.

Kenya College of Interior Design offers the interior design diploma for not more than two years. During this time, they take you through various learning techniques and units that equip you with skillsets to venture into the vast interior design industry.

In conclusion, the above units are crucial for an interior designer who desires to achieve great heights in the sector. These course units also help students identify their weak areas to work on them and improve. The units will also take you through history, design trends, color theory, and lighting techniques to give you a taste of what awaits you as a professional.


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