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Interior Design Services in Kenya

Interior Design Services in Kenya


Kenya is rapidly embracing interior design because people can recognize and see its various benefits. Many creative interior designers take practice in the sector. Many homeowners find it overwhelming to implement an interior design that best suits their preferred style. Therefore, hiring an interior design for their services becomes a lasting remedy for their problems.

Types of interior design services in Kenya

There are various types of interior design services available in Kenya. They include;

  1. Interior Design Consultation Services
  2. Full Interior Design Services
  3. Partial Interior Design Services
  4. E-design Interior Design Services

Interior Design Consultation services

A design consultation can be classified into two types. In-person design consultation is one of them, and it involves physical discussions of interior design activities with a qualified designer. Usually takes place at the client’s home. Here, the designer can see the usage of various living spaces and make crucial decisions. It involves deciding if the designer will proceed with space modifications.

Therefore, the consulted designer may or may not get the project. It also depends on the designer’s type of service because not all of them share their ideas.

The second type of design consultation involves booking an interior designer. Here, the designer can review a design project to renovate it. The conversation revolves around understanding the scope of work. After that, the client can decide to hire the designer or not.

Full Interior Design Services 

This type of interior design involves dedicating everything to the designer. It is luxurious because the client expects a step-by-step creation of their living spaces into the preferred design. The designer first identifies your specific style of modification. They can then proceed with creating a unique design plan. Communication with contractors and tradespeople follows. The designer then produces a detailed interior design according to clients’ requirements.

Full interior design services are comprehensive and can sometimes involve a complete construction of a house. Regardless of the project’s scope, all insights into the interior design of the house come from the designer.

Partial Interior Design Services 

These interior design services are unique in that not all designers offer them. A client hires an interior designer for a specific task within a given period. Partial interior design services can be a surplus of consultation services when a designer comes to assess the usage of living spaces. For instance, a client can hire an interior designer to help identify tiles or color schemes to fit in their bathrooms.

E-design Interior Design Services

E-design services are virtual and diverse. A client has a vast selection of interior designers to choose from. Communication happens through online platforms where the designer can understand your preferred style. They then provide clients with a 3D rendered appearance of their homes. These virtual representations help clients identify the best modifications to make to their living spaces.

The best E-design interior design services take place with the use of designing soft wares. This software helps the designer make creative representations that a client can approve. The client can then decide to hire a separate designer to do the physical modifications. Alternatively, they can do the modifications on their own if equipped with the right skills.

In conclusion, a Kenyan interior designer can efficiently offer all of the above services. You can join Kenya College of Interior Design to become a proficient interior designer. Here, you can polish your design and creativity skills. These skills will help you successfully modify various living spaces. Whether it is home makeovers or complete construction projects, the school will help you grow exponentially.

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