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Where to Study Interior Design in Kenya

Where to Study Interior Design in Kenya

Many Kenyans aspire to be interior designers because it is a career that allows you to embrace and use your creativity to meet various client’s requirements. Interior design is also a high-paying source of income that has helped many families live sustainable lives.

People who wish to become interior designers need to get enough educational training to equip them with the best interior design management skills. Various Kenyan institutions provide quality interior design education. These institutions offer certificates, diplomas, degrees, and PhDs in interior design.

Interior design allows you to start practice immediately after becoming an interior design student. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about waiting for a Ph.D. to put your creative ideas into use. Thus, an institution like Kenya College of Interior Design collaborates with other organizations like the Interior Designers Association of Kenya to allow interior designers to practice while gaining academic knowledge.

Kenya College of Interior Design is a preferred destination for beginner interior designers and those who wish to further their careers. They offer certificates, diplomas, and short courses in interior design and other decorative-related courses. There are many reasons why Kenya College of Interior Designers admits many students over the years. They include;

Diverse courses

Kenya College of Interior Design has various diverse courses related to interior design. These courses are offered in terms of certificates, diplomas, and short-term courses. The programs provide a stable base for an interior designer to develop a successful career.

Some of the courses include a Diploma in Architecture, Diploma in Landscaping, Diploma in Property management, a Certificate in House and real estate, and a Certificate in Architecture. The short-term courses are also crucial because they carry the basics of interior design.

Qualified personnel

Kenya College of Interior Design uses trainers who are professionals in the design industry. These trainers have expertise that is passed on to the learners accordingly. The school aids in the delivery of the interior design industry by providing conducive learning environments.

Well-equipped facilities

Interior design is a technical career that needs specific equipment and hands-on people for better understanding. Kenya College of Interior Design ensures that learners access the best learning materials and resources to keep them updated. Therefore, the school invested in well-equipped design libraries and laboratories to give learners a chance to practice their creativity before venturing into the interior design industry.

Positive reputation

Many Kenyans have been interested in becoming interior designers but don’t know the best school to start their careers. Kenya college of Interior Design has various graduates who have become renowned in the design industry for their creative works. These graduates help attract more learners who come in search of quality interior design education.

Pocket-friendly fees

Interior design is an expensive career making it difficult for aspiring designers to pay academic fees. Kenya College of Interior Design helps eliminate this notion by providing informative education on affordable budgets. Many designers opt for the college because they can also pay their fees in various installments and pursue the career of their choice.

Quality attachments

Attachments are the final crucial part of an interior designer’s career because they know how the industry looks, how they can approach it, and how they can solve different design problems. Therefore, Kenya College of Interior Design makes sure that their students are posted to relevant attachments where their skills are thoroughly tested. These attachments give a learner the taste of working for various clients while executing projects of the highest quality.

In addition, Kenya College of Interior Design has associations with interior design bodies that play a crucial role in advocating for interior designers, their interests, and safe design practice. For instance, the Interior Designers Association of Kenya IDAK promotes interior design by recruiting members to allow them to associate, exchange ideas, and learn from each other from different perspectives.

In conclusion, studying interior design at Kenya College of Interior Design is an ideal experience because you develop your career by building a promising design foundation. Their creativity awareness among fresh learners and professionals allows graduates to apply their expertise in the design industry to produce quality results that meet client’s requirements.

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