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Best Interior Designer in Kenya

Best Interior Designer in Kenya

Kenya is home to top creative designers. These designers are notable for their creative works of design in various corporations and organizations. They also play a crucial role in developing the interior design industry.

George Washington Karani is the Best Interior Designer in Kenya specialising in workplace design. He is the President of the Interior Designers Association of Kenya, the Director of Kenya College of Interior Design and the founding President of the Africa Interior Design Week. He also advocates for inclusive design that promotes the needs for persons with disability that fostering independent living for everyone to thrive.

George Washington Karani is a renowned Kenyan interior designer with several years of experience as an active practitioner in the design industry. Despite being a successful interior design business owner, he has taken part in various design projects. He has reshaped the way Kenyans view and approach the interior design industry by bringing positive change to society.

 Karani’s achievements as the best interior designer

Over the years, G.W Karani has had various interior design achievements that earned him national recognition. The designer has actively contributed to the changing design industry, from small office interior decorations to corporate makeovers. Some of the most significant achievements include; LINKEDIN

An interior design institution (best interior design schools in KENYA)

Due to his experience and knowledge in the interior design industry, George Washington Karani has a successful interior design college called Kenya College of Interior Design that offers quality education to local and international students.

The school is a nationally recognized institution that is well equipped to accommodate learners from all backgrounds. The school has modern design libraries and professional trainers that aid the smooth delivery of interior design education. It has had many successful design graduates since its establishment who have also indulged in active practicing design.

An interior design firm (best interior design companies in Kenya)

One of the best things about being an interior designer is starting your design firm from scratch and develop it into an internationally recognized brand. G.W Karani used his vast knowledge in interior design to create one of the top-grossing design firms in the country. The company known as Kencid Interiors Ltd is a firm that offers interior design services to various clients. They specialize in the interior transformation of workspaces, turning them into sustainable, ergonomic, and functional design work.

Kencid Interiors Ltd uses unique creativity in their projects, making them attract different scopes of clients countrywide. Their office designs and refurbishments create conducive working environments for occupiers. The company is in the Nairobian leafy suburbs of Westlands, where they have their headquarters at Lotus Plaza.

A renowned interior design consultant

George Washington Karani sums as one of the best interior designers and design consultants in Kenya. His experience in the field earns him call-ups to various design institutions and organizations for consultation purposes. He is currently an interior design lecturer at the Technical University of Kenya. He has several spectacular community projects attached to his name that help him grow financially and design-wise.

In conclusion, the best interior designers in Kenya have high levels of creativity and self-drive. They exhibit excellence in this industry by their prowess to turn living spaces into attractive and sustainable environments. Not to be left behind, G.W. Karani has established himself as one of the best interior designer practitioners in the country.

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